Fairy Light Jar Signs

These turned out even prettier than I thought that they would! I am super excited to share them with you! I hope that if you like the way the pictures look, that you give them a try! They really don’t take a whole lot of work to put together, either. I hope you love them as much as I do!

As always, the first thing I did was cover my work space with some brown postal paper that I got from Dollar Tree for $1.00 for a roll of it. You can also buy this online, though!
Then I gathered all my supplies: 2 wooden plaques, 2 (32 oz) mason jars, white paint, paint brush, flowers of choice, fairy lights, twine, 2 wrought iron nail hooks, 2 nail backers. (I will list where you can buy everything online at the very bottom of this post)
I started by removing the stickers from the bottom of the jars.
Then I painted my plaques white. Be sure to paint everywhere that might be seen, all the sides, and a little around the back as well.
Then I removed the lids, and put my fairy lights in. (Keep the part that screws back on, but you won’t need the lid part)
Then I made an arrangement of my flowers how I liked it. I used lavender that I found on sale at Hobby Lobby, and I cut the bottom off with wire trimmers because it had wire in it, and then tied it together tightly with twine. You can use any color that you like, and as long as you don’t hot glue your flowers in place, you can change it any time you like!
Then I took twine, and wrapped it around the copper part that twisted back onto the jar several times, securing it with plenty of hot glue on back. (while it was ON the jar) I let the hot glue dry, then I made a small loop in one, and held it up to where I was going to put the hook, and looked to see where I wanted it to hang. I then hot glued a loop in the back the size of loop I wanted it to be. I did the same to the other one, making sure they would hang the same distance down.
Then I took a screw driver and installed the hook. (I probably should have done this first)
Then I put the flowers in the top, and hid the remote control in the flowers where you couldn’t see it.
I made a simple bow out of twine and attached it to the very front with some hot glue. (you can find this on youtube)
Then I simply hung them from the hooks!
I will most likely hot glue them to the backs of the boards to center them better, but I LOVE the way they turned out!

*Wooden plaques – Hobby Lobby $1.79 (when on sale)—9-x-12/p/20855
*Mason Jars – Hobby Lobby 32 oz. $1.44 each (on sale)—32-Ounce/p/21738
*Fairy Lights – Amazon 16 pack $15.99
*White Paint – Wal-Mart $.50 at our local store (not sure how much for your store)
*Flowers – Hobby Lobby $1.99 (Full Price)
*Twine – 656 feet $7.49
*Wrought Iron Nail Hooks – Amazon 12 pack $17.38

Gorgeous Paint Stick Sign

Hey everyone! I hope this finds you all safe, healthy and HAPPY! I made this paint stick sign with paint sticks, pretty paper, and a wooden “Welcome” sign that I got on clearance a while back! (As well as other craft embellishments I had on hand such as ribbon and paint and twine and wooden beads) Please follow my blog if you like my crafts! I try to post a new craft every single Tuesday, and I plan on posting an Easter craft I did with my daughter later on today as well!! (My daughter did this paint stick craft with me, so some of the pictures that I am posting are of her craft, but it was the same process) If you have any special requests, be sure to email me!

The first step of this project is to gather all of your supplies: You will need 15 paint sticks (you only put paper on 12), several pieces of 12×12 scrapbook paper (I used 5), mod podge, twine, a sanding block, craft paint of your choosing, glue gun, and various embellishments of your choosing! (get creative!) I will post all the craft supplies that I purchased at the end, and where you can purchase them online! (I have no affiliate links at this time, I just try to find you the best price possible)

I covered my craft space with brown postal paper to keep it from getting destroyed.

First, you need to put your paint stick down on the back side of your scrapbook paper and draw a line from end to end to cut out. Make this line a bit wider than the craft stick. You don’t want it to be thinner! You are going to need 12 of these cut out.

After this, you will mod podge it to the craft stick. I have posted a video below on how I did this.

Then you will take a sanding block and sand your paper in a downward motion to get the excess paper off the edges of the sticks. Don’t go upward, it will pull the paper off of the sticks.

Put them in the order that you like, and turn them over. Then get them nice and neatly together, as straight as possible. You will tack them together with a little bit of hot glue. Then put the 3 extra sticks across the top, middle and bottom of the back of the sign. You will put plenty of hot glue on these 3 sticks, and hold them in place for a good 30 seconds or so while they adhere.

After that hot glue has dried, flip your sign over, and you can begin to embellish the front however you want! (Get creative you guys!) Post pics in the discussion!

Again, I have no affiliate links to anyone at this time. I really just try to find the best prices online that I can, but please feel free to search for what’s best for YOU!!! 🙂
* Paint Sticks – Amazon ($15.96 for 100)
* Scrapbook Paper – Hobby Lobby (normally 4/$1.00)
* Mod Podge – Amazon ($4.86 for 8 oz.)
* Wooden Beads – (I use these all the time $13.99 for 700 beads) Amazon
* Twine – Amazon ($9.49 for 1000 feet)

Coming tomorrow!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know I didn’t forget about you!!! ?? I am uploading a new project with instructions tomorrow! Below is what the finished project looks like! I hope everyone is safe and healthy and happy! *hugs*

Super Cute Four Leaf Clover

Hey everyone!!  Today has been another super busy day, but as promised, I have a craft for you!  Okay, it is a new one for me too, so as I was doing a step by step for you, I was experimenting myself!  Please always feel free to customize your own stuff to make it yours too!  This blog is to get you crafting in comfort, however that needs to happen.  If you want a yellow clover, you make a yellow clover!  Do what makes you HAPPY! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me at any time!  I took a picture of the list of items I thought I was going to use to create this, but there might be a couple of items added or taken away during the crafting process.  If so, I will always be sure to include it in the picture taking, and link it where you can purchase everything at the very end!

Happy Crafting

  1. I started off by printing off my Four Leaf Clover.  I just found one I liked online.  At the bottom is a link to the one that I used, you can use any one that you like, though.  You may have to do some resizing if you use a different one, though. Also, before I begin, I like to cover my work area with some cheap packing paper that I get at the Dollar Store. You can get it online too! I’ll link it for you at the bottom. I just tape it on. My work area, is just a wooden lap desk I got a really long time ago. I’ll make another post sometime soon about how I keep everything within easy reach for myself.
  2. I cut out my clover, on the outside edges. (The outer green part)
  3. I put my clover on my FLAT canvas (make sure that it isn’t framed, just a thin piece) Don’t place the clover too high, too low, and not too far right and not too far left.  If you do, the frame won’t go on it at the end. Leave about 1” in all directions) I centered mine as best as I could.  I didn’t measure it.  I just “eyeballed it” to see what looked right.
  4. I held down my clover steady while tracing around it lightly, (but dark enough to still see) making sure that it stayed even as possible. (It doesn’t need to be absolutely perfect)
  5. Remove the clover paper (you can save it for later if you want to make another one sometime)
  6. Start gluing on the buttons with E6000 (I used all different sizes and variations of green, using the larger (and cheaper) green ones on bottom, otherwise you just cover the small ones up. *Note* You might want to have a small plate for the E6000 to sit on, it likes to leak. Also, I try to save the small ones to fill in gaps later on when you’re at the end of the project.  (When doing this part, try to keep them as flat as possible) This part has no real perfection to it.  My buttons overlap, and go all over, but I try very hard to never go out of the pencil lines I drew. (Then it won’t look like a clover anymore)
  7. After I have completely covered the whole clover, I wait 15 minutes, and take tweezers, and pull off the little strings of glue on top.  You don’t have to do this, but they drive me crazy.  Haha.
  8. On the frame, remove the glass, and the paper/any anything but the actual frame. Save the frame and very back only. You can keep the glass for another project if you’d like, or throw it away. I take the backing out to paint the picture frame you have whatever color you prefer, so it doesn’t dry, and stick closed.  I chose “classic green”. I had to paint mine with 2 coats to get good coverage, but let the first coat dry before applying the second coat.
  9. I made a wooden hangar to go on back by first staining five 16mm wooden beads with Waverly stain wax (I very lightly spritzed the beads with a bit of water to dilute the stain a bit) that I found at Wal-Mart, and then letting those dry.  Then I painted five more 16mm wooden beads the same color I painted the frame, then let those dry. Be sure to wash your brushes before the paint and stain dries on them to keep your brushes in good condition!
  10. I tied a double knot at the end (leaving about 2 inches of twine after the knot), to hold on the first bead, then I put a tiny dab of hot glue on the other end of my jute to help thread the beads. Then I alternated the beads on jute with a DOUBLE knot between each bead.  Then I double knotted after the last bead, and I just hot glued it on the back sides of the frame with lots of hot glue to make sure it holds well.

I think it turned out super CUTE!!  I’m lovin’ it.  Let me know if you guys like it!  Leave me a comment below, yay or nay! I am super excited about next weeks craft you guys!  I really think you are going to like it too.  Subscribe to my blog so you won’t miss it.  Also, be sure to share this with anyone who you think might benefit from being able to craft from the comfort of their bed! 

You will also need some basic crafting supplies such as a hot glue gun, scissors, pencil, paint brushes, some paper plates, tweezers, and I use a lot of baby wipes and paper towels! Oh, and patience, lots of that!
*The brown craft paper I use to cover my wood lap table, I get from the dollar store for a dollar, but here is a link where you can get it online at Wal-Mart, or if you plan on crafting a lot, Amazon is a better deal. Just choose what is best for you. Wal-Mart $4.97
Amazon – $16.89

I promised you guys that I was going to upload a picture of at least one of my new shirts, and here it is! This shirt couldn’t be more me. I say this all the time. It is always flying out of my mouth!!! If anyone wants a Geez Louise shirt, let me know, and I’ll see what I can do!! Weeee! So excited!

One Crazy Week!

Hey everyone! I have had one crazy week! My sweet daughter plays volleyball, (I am the coach, I just have to sit as often as possible!) and it feels like we have had back to back practices! When we aren’t having practices, I’m planning one, or trying to update the parents, or trying to plan for the games. Whew!

I HAVE been really thinking about what craft I want to post for this Tuesday! I am thinking it is going to be a St. Patty’s day craft! I hope you guys agree, because I have all the supplies already!!! The following Tuesday, more than likely, I will do just a nice home decorating craft of some sort, then an Easter craft. I might throw in a children’s Easter craft in there on a Thursday or Friday, too. (I already have an adorable one in mind)

Also, I created a couple of shirts that are just SOOOO me over the weekend. I couldn’t be more excited. WEEEEE! I made one for me and one for my daughter! My husband and son refuse to wear this one. Haha! I’ll get one on them someday though! Mark my words!!! 🙂 My daughter and I are going to wear them for when I make the tutorial and upload it on Tuesday. It may have a small video, if I can figure that out. If not, I’ll be sure to include at least a picture. If I get enough interest in them, I might sell them! You’ll have to let me know!! Okay, so look for my upload on Tuesday, excitement is just oozing out of me right now!!!

**Keep Smiling**

My world!

Excitement and Fear and Happiness, all in ONE!

Oh my gosh!! My new logo! What does everyone think? Is it okay? Survey at the verrrry bottom!

Well, here I am, super excited and hoping to help others to be able to craft in COMFORT! When I see most crafting blogs, they seem to be standing up. Well, I have to craft from bed. I’m permanently disabled, and unable to stand for long periods of time without “paying for it”. I know there are so many others out there who are the same, and worse.

If you are recovering from surgery, disabled, in a nursery home, suffer from debilitating depression, or JUST PLAIN want to be comfortable, follow my blog! I am going to be doing crafts, and fun things that you can do from the comfort of your bed, couch, floor, even standing if you want (they are going to be awesome crafts). Craft from wherever you are most comfortable!!!

I recently started crafting again, all from my bed, and have found so much JOY! I want to share this joy with YOU. I was going through a tough patch. Crafting gave me a new purpose, and has kept my brain occupied and the outcome has kept me HAPPY again! Please at least look at what you are able to do from the comfort of your bed, (everything I do, you can order the supplies online, and I will link where to get them) and if you see something that sparks even a bit of interest, give it a try. Everything I find online, I make sure is something that is something that *I* would put into my own home. I wouldn’t ever describe myself as snobby, but I AM picky!! 🙂 I ALSO really want to incorporate some really cute children’s crafts we can do from the comfort of our beds too eventually! (Keep a look out)

This blog really is NOT for me. I want to bring joy to YOU. I don’t want others to feel or go through what I went through, and if I can give this joy to others, that’s what I want. When I came up with the idea for this blog, it brought SO much excitement to me. I sure HOPE that it at least brings a smile to your face, because I’m new to the crafting world again, and you’ll be stumbling along with me, but we’ll be stumbling and laughing together!!!! (P.S. This is my first blog EVER, and I’m completely new to this, so PLEASEEEE be kind, and bear with me as I stumble through this as well! I will get better, I promise!!)

SO, I would like to post some pictures of some things that I’ve made in the past couple of months ALL from the comfort of my bed. (Many are from my Cricut, but I have literally hundreds of crafts I want to share with everyone that does not involve any special machines) Also, I want to let everyone know my sense of humor is crazy sometimes! I love fun, I’m ready for happy again! Just a bit about me, I’m completely and totally in love with my family!! I have a deep desire to help others. I have always LOVED to craft, but stopped for years while battling depression. (This is tough to admit, because MANY people close to me do not know this information) As I stated earlier, I am disabled. I have a serious back issue that causes me problems. Even through all of this, I am grateful for all that I have. I have a deep love for animals as well. Come back to see me soon! I hope to video blog and do tutorials written and via video as soon as I figure this all out!! 🙂

This is a link to a survey that will help me to see what everyone thinks of my new logo! It’s on surveymonkey. I tried to embed it here, but it didn’t work for me. (I’m not technically savvy yet enough) If you have the time, and would like to help me out, there are just 3 questions to answer! Thanks either way!!


About Me!

Hi there!! I’m Kimberly, and I love to craft. I am permanently disabled, and have to craft from my bed. I haven’t crafted in years because I was going through a debilitating depression. Recently I started crafting, and it’s brought me such joy. I want so much to share this with others who have the same problems that I do! I don’t want anyone to ever feel the same way I did. The thing that I would say really stands out most in my heart is that I love my family more than anything else. (I also love my animals) I needed something for *myself* though, and crafting has given this to me again. I HOPE beyond hope that I can help others get that spark of joy back in their lives by sharing some of my crafting projects that YOU can do while in bed/on the couch/floor/wherever you are comfortable!!!

There are several target audiences I have. Do you know someone who recently, or currently:

  • Has had surgery, and is unable to get around much, or at all?
  • Is disabled, and may have very limited mobility and have to either sit or lay down often or all the time?
  • Is in a nursing home, and is unable to do the things they used to?
  • Is debilitated with depression, and needs something to occupy their mind?
  • or just someone who prefers to craft comfortably?

Send them to my blog! Tell them about me. I want to help. I will respond to as many people that I can to help, and I have hundreds of crafts that I am planning on creating via video blog and written/photo instruction blog to help these people to be able to occupy their minds and bring that joy back into their lives! If it is you, stay with me. I have a lot going on right now, but I want to start my video blog very soon! (As soon as I figure it out! Haha, I’m SO new to this, but as soon as this idea popped into my head, I had to run with it! I have to help others!) Okay, now you know about me, tell me about you. Send an email to and I will try very hard to respond to you all! Thanks soooo much for your time!