Mini Sucker Bouquet

This is just so perfect for a teacher! I am planning on giving this one to one of Ella’s teacher’s.  It took a LOT more suckers than I thought it would (probably 500 – or 4 bags or so), but it is just flippin’ adorable!  I am making it where she can turn it into a game if she chooses to, by coloring the end of each sucker a color. (I just chose purple, pink and one gold)  Most of mine are purple, a few are pink and if one student picks the golden sucker they will get the golden prize!  I don’t know if our sweet teacher will choose to participate in this game or not, but it seemed like something really fun!!! I also am making the jar pretty, so the teacher doesn’t mind displaying it in her classroom.  This was a labor of love, it took me probably 4 hours to make this due to marking the bottom of the suckers and then sticking them all in place.  As I always say though, when I craft, I do it for my fun.  This is my joy.  It really was so amazing to see how pretty it turned out in the end!  As always, I hope you all stay safe, Healthy and HAPPY!!

First I gathered my supplies!  I covered my lap desk with brown postage paper and set it up on my bed and tried to make sure everything I needed was within reach.  I got my ball jar, my styrofoam ball, my bags of suckers, sharpie markers, blue waverly chalk paint, metallic blue paint, DecoArt Metallic Lustre, pearl ribbon, sanding block, hot glue gun, E6000, and various other supplies such as paint brushes and scissors.

The first thing I did was paint the jar with chalk paint.  I used Waverly in “Ocean”.  It only took one coat.  Then I used my heat gun on low setting to dry it.  I then completely covered it with metallic paint.  I used FolkArt in “Blue Sapphire” for this coat.  I used my heat gun on low again to dry this, then I lightly sanded the wording on the glass.  I then took my DecoArt Metallic Lustre in Champagne and lightly used my finger to highlight all the letters in gold.  It takes VERY little of the Lustre to go a long way!!  After that, I got out TONS of mini Tootsie Rolls, and started coloring the bottoms with my sharpie markers.  I made about 90% of them dark purple, and 10% of them pink.  I also colored just one of them gold.  This step is optional.  I only did this so my daughter’s teacher could play a game with her kids. If they drew a purple end sucker when they were being good, they just got the sucker.  If they drew a pink, they get some sort of extra small prize.  If they get the gold, they get something really cool.  This took a lot of time to do.  I know the kids are going to absolutely go bonkers over this, though so it was worth every minute!  Then I used E6000 and hot glue and glued down the styrofoam ball to the top.  I started at the very bottom, and went around in a circle sticking the suckers in as close to the jar as possible, and keeping the suckers as close to each other as I could, so that the white of the styrofoam didn’t show through.  I worked my way up and around, filling in any holes I found as I went.  After all the suckers were in, I just took my ribbon and put it around the back and to the front and secured it with E6000! It was actually a very simple, but time consuming project!


Supply List:

Ball Jar – Hobby Lobby (be sure to get it when it’s 50% off!) – $2.49 (full price)—16-Ounce/p/21737

Chalk Paint – Walmart – $1.67

Metallic Paint – Hobby Lobby (be sure to get on sale) – $1.99

Ribbon – Hobby Lobby (get on sale!) – $7.99 (I couldn’t find the exact one I used)

Sanding Block – Amazon (I got mine at Dollar Tree for $1.00) $6.99 for four

DecoArt Metallic Lustre (in Champagne Ice) – Hobby Lobby – $6.99

Round Styrofoam Ball (4.7 inch) – Walmart – $3.47

E6000 – Walmart – $3.97

Tootsie Pops Mini’s (You can also use dum dum’s) – Walmart – (This bag is a lot bigger than the ones I was using!  You would only need 2, tops and still have plenty left over) $9.98