Jenga Block Snowmen

I just adore this craft!  It’s very straight forward, and turns out simply adorable!  One of my best friends did this with he daughter after I gave her instructions as well, and it just was a super easy craft.  This is a perfect craft to give as a gift, or to decorate your own tree with! I love this one.

First I cleaned off my lap desk.  Then I took my wooden tags, and cut them to the size of a “brim of a hat” with a small little saw.  I made extra because they were so thin, that they broke pretty easy.  Then I gathered all my little jenga blocks and painted mine a cream color.  You can use any color you want your snowman, I just chose cream.  As those were drying, I started painting my brims of my hats.  You need to cut them before you paint them so the top and bottoms aren’t exposed.  After that, I took the hat “brims” and hot glued them on, at an angle.  After this, I painted above where I put the brim on, and where the hat would be around the snowman.  Then I took really small eye hooks, and screwed them into the top of the hats.  This was probably the hardest part of the craft.  I took a push pin too “pre-drill” a hole.  I took my checkered ribbon and cut it into strips.  I wrapped each strip around the snowman’s body, then I took a toothpick with black paint to make the eyes and buttons and mouth.  Then I took another toothpick to create the nose with orange paint.  I added glitter to mine by just putting a bit of modpodge on the front with a paint brush, then sprinkling it on.  I finished it off by taking twine, and attaching it to the eye hook as a hanger.  It is a really adorable effect!


Jenga Blocks: – Dollar Tree – $1.00
Wood tags – Dollar General – $1.00
Eye screws – Hobby Lobby – $1.99—15mm/p/29341
Twine – Amazon – $4.99
Black paint – Hobby Lobby – $1.59
Orange Paint – Hobby Lobby – $1.39