Sweet Strawberry Sign

Oh how adorable this sign is. I can almost smell how sweet those strawberries are! I saw a similar inspiration online, and it was just so cute, so I wanted to re-create it. I hand embroidered every single strawberry, but it was worth it! I went on YouTube to learn how to do a French knot. I am currently working on my section of the blog that will outline all of the stuff I’m researching and doing daily to work on MYSELF! I will start doing a daily entry into my own personal journal, and update the blog weekly for all of you to follow to see my failures and SUCCESSES! I really hope that this article finds you all Safe, Healthy and HAPPY!!! *hugs*

First I started with a clean craft space by having my lap table covered with postage paper. Then I gathered all the supplies I would need. I used a small sign I bought at Dollar General for $1.00. It measures 6 inches x 6 inches. I made a strawberry pdf. and printed it out for an outline. (It’s on the bottom of the page if you would like it as well) I also used red and green “easy felt”. I used white Waverly chalk paint, white embroidery thread and white pom pom trim. I also used buffalo check ribbon. I also used various other supplies such as embroidery needle, needle threader, paint brush, hot glue gun, scissors, pen and a heat gun.
First thing that I did was cut out my strawberries on my pdf file. I traced the bottom part on the red felt 8 times, and the stem on the green felt 8 times. then I wrote a small “T” at the top of each strawberry bottom, so I wouldn’t forget where the top of the strawberry was. I cut the tops of the strawberries out. (The stems) I used white embroidery thread, and watched YouTube to learn how to do a French Knot. I kept all of my strawberries still on the felt, and just embroidered one at a time before cutting the thread off on the back of each one. If you don’t want to do this, you could just use a white paint pen, and make dots on the strawberries would be my guess. (I have not tried this) I just wanted the look of the thread. After I finished all the strawberries, I used some hot glue on the back of each strawberry, just to secure the thread.
Next, I painted the sign white. It took 2 coats. I used my heat gun between coats to make sure it was dry between coats. Then I cut out all of the strawberry bottoms, and attached the tops with hot glue. after they all dried, I put them on the sign in a way that I thought looked nice and attached them with hot glue. I put the white pom pom border all around the edges with hot glue, and added the buffalo check ribbon at the top in a bow, and just used hot glue to create a hangar with it as well.

My Crafting Companion is Too Tired to Continue!

My poor sweet little girl couldn’t go any longer… ??????


Grateful/Thankful/Blessed Coaster Sign

I really love the crackle and the color in this sign. I know it is only a small pop of yellow, but I think it’s just adorable. Stay Safe, Healthy and HAPPY my amazing friends! *hugs*

First, I covered my lap table with brown postage paper! (now if you follow my blogs, I know you’re not surprised by this!!) Next I gathered my supplies I thought I would be using! I used 3 coasters, twine, wood beads, ivory chalk paint, yellow paint, vinyl decals, or you can write it with a black paint pen as well by hand, and draw the flower. If you would like me to make the decals for this project for you, please read the supply list at the bottom. It was a really simple flower. You will also need other supplies such as a glue gun, paint brushes, black sharpie and scissors.

First I painted the coasters ivory several times (making sure to let the paint dry between coats). Then I changed my mind and wanted to paint it a grey color. After I painted it grey, I changed my mind again, and went back to ivory. Haha, so I painted lots of coats of paint. By the time I was finished, it had a crackle finish on it. I really liked it.

Then I put on my vinyl decals that I made with my Cricut. My flower did not have black in the middle, so I just colored it in by hand with a black sharpie. I really love the way they turned out. As I stated above, if you don’t have a Cricut, you can just write it yourself, or if you would like, I can make the decals for you for a small cost. Just read the supplies below for cost information.

Next I colored 4 wooden beads yellow. I let them dry well, and triple knotted a long piece of twine. I put some hot glue on the other end of the twine to make it easier to put the wood beads on. I put a bead on, then I attached a twine tassel that I made. The more that I worked with the tassel, the better it looked. At first I wasn’t sure about it, but it looked much better the more that I played with it. I knotted the twine above the bead very well, then I attached it to the bottom coaster with a very good amount of hot glue. then I took the hot glue to the top of the coaster and went straight up and hot glued it to the top of the back of the coaster. Then I tied another triple knot after the glue had dried well, and put on another bead. I did this all the way up, until all the coasters were attached and there was a bead at the very top. Then you should create a hanger with the twine. I did a loop, but I think that if you did a hanger where it held on both sides, then came up and had a yellow bead at the top, I think that would be more steady. I’m not sure if that’s the case, though since I didn’t do this. At any rate, I think it really turned out super cute! I love it!

Coffee Bean Sign

Another sign for my upcoming (and unknown by my poor husband) coffee nook! If I make another, I’ll make the frame a black, most likely. I wanted a little color in my life, though! I was feeling a little crazy today! Haha!! I love the color purple too. So there we are! I was super nervous about this sign because I free hand drew the coffee cup, and that is NOT my forte! It all seemed to work out, though. I always have fun crafting. It’s exciting going along and seeing if your project is going to be really good, or just “alright”. I love how my coffee cup turned out, and I can always change my frame color if I want! Right now I’m loving the frame too, though! Yay! I hope you all have as much fun with this as I did! Stay Safe, Healthy and HAPPY, my friends!!! *hugs*

You know I always start off by covering my craft table with brown postage paper. I love my craft table, and want to keep it nice. 🙂 Then I gathered all of my supplies! I used a 5×7 frame, a 5x7canvas panel, whole coffee beans (make sure when you order them, they are whole and not ground), white chalk paint, purple metallic paint, and various other supplies such as a hot glue gun (I used lots of hot glue), paint brushes, and tweezers. Then I took the glass out of my frame, and sat it to the side. I took a pencil and drew out my coffee cup, being sure not to get too close to the edges, so when I put the coffee beans on, it wouldn’t be too close to the frame to put back on. I also drew dots for the steam to give me some idea on how I wanted the shape to go.

Then I started all the outline of the cup with dabs of hot glue on low heat. This means you have to go faster. I went all around, and then up and did the steam. Then I completely filled in the cup as evenly as possible. When all the glue was completely dried, I took the tweezers and pulled off the extra hot glue, to where it looked better.

I then painted the frame completely with white chalk paint. I made sure to get the insides of the frame, and the outsides as well. When that dried, I put on two coats of the metallic purple paint. I waited for each coat to finish drying before putting on the next coat. Then I put it all together!

Dog Sign With Leash Tail

Oh my gosh! Could this sign be any more adorable? I love animals, so this sign just called to me. When I completed it, I was just in love! I made one for each of my dogs. I have two male dogs, and one female dog. I put a little bow on the female dog, and they were just the cutest signs in the world. I loved the tails, and the bow, and just everything! If you don’t have a Cricut (or even if you do) and you would like me to create the vinyl part of the sign for you, I can. Just scroll down to the bottom and I will have some details for you. I hope this blog post find you Safe, Healthy and HAPPY!! *hugs*

First I started off by covering my work space with brown postage paper that I bought from Dollar Tree. Then I gathered all of my supplies I thought I was going to use for my project. I had a piece of wood cut at Lowes. It measured 7 1/2″ across x 9″ down when it was cut. I also used Waverly Wax, twine, wooden beads, a sanding block, the vinyl print out with the dog and the dog’s name, a black coat hook, white paint, and various other supplies such as scissors, ruler, paint brushes, water spritzer, paper towels or baby wipes, Styrofoam bowl, phyllips screwdriver and glue gun!

First of all, I sanded all edges making the whole piece of wood completely smooth. Then I used my water mister (you can just use a water bottle) and I misted the wood down really well, and also misted down my Waverly wax that I put to the side to stain the wood with. Right after I stained the wood, I wiped it down really well with a baby wipe.

Next I put all my beads into a bowl, and added the paint and misted it with water as well. I let the beads roll around by shaking them around in circles in the bowl to get really good coverage on all of them. I set them to the side to dry while I applied the vinyl decals. (I used my Cricut to make the decals. If you would like me to make the decal for you, please scroll to the bottom for details)

After I got the decals in the right spot, I put the coat hook in the right spot, and used my little handy dandy screw driver to screw it down. It took a bit of elbow grease to get it in there well, but was very possible. On my girl dog sign, I put a little flower on the head with some hot glue.

Then I triple knotted the end of the twine to keep the wooden bead on. I used some hot glue on the end of the twine to make it easier to thread the wooden beads. I tied knots between each bead to leave space. When I was satisfied with the length, I hot glued both ends to the sign. I used quite a bit of hot glue to make sure it holds well.

Coffee Hug in a Mug Sign

This sign turned out absolutely adorable! It was actually VERY simple to make, and it makes me wanna make more! I made it for the coffee nook that my husband isn’t aware that I wanna create yet! Haha I’m bound and determined to have a coffee nook that is my own little space! I want to decorate it, and change it with the seasons and make it mine! *daydreaming* This is absolutely one sign that is going in my future nook! I hope you like it as much as I do. As always, if you have any questions at all, please always feel free to message me at the email at the right. Also, sign up to get emails from me! I don’t send them out yet, but soon I plan on sending out some monthly emails with crafts and tips that I have done from the comfort of my bed!!! *exciting* Please Stay Safe, Healthy and HAPPY!!! **Hugs**

As always, I started off by covering my lap craft table with brown postage paper that I bought at Dollar Tree. Then I gathered all of my supplies I thought I was going to use. I almost always end up using something else here and there, but I try to get everything I can think of together. With this project I used a 5×7 frame from Hobby Lobby, Chalk paint in “Elephant” by Waverly, Chalk paint in white by DecoArt, Large craft sticks, twine, and I created the print out I used on my Cricut *At the bottom of the page, I’ve put details on how you can purchase a decal from me very cheap if you need one*. I also used various other supplies such as my glue gun, paint brushes, heavy duty scissors (mine are Fissors) to cut the craft sticks, regular scissors, ruler, sand block, and a button I had in my stash.

First I took the frame apart and set the glass aside. You won’t be needing the glass for this project. Then I took the cardboard on the inside and set the craft stick on it straight. I marked two lines on each end showing where they needed to be cut off. I also stacked them up to see how many I needed. (I used 9) Then I made the marks on each of my sticks. I cut off the ends on each of the 9 sticks, so they were all the right size. I used white DecoArt chalk paint and painted them all with 2 coats, making sure to let the first coat dry completely first. Then I glued them all very close to each other on the cardboard, making sure they were on straight, and lined up. Once they were all on there, I painted the frame with 2 coats of Waverly chalk paint in Elephant color. Again, making sure that the coats were dry before putting on the second coat. Once it was all dry, I lightly took my sanding block, and took it over the little bumps that were on the frame to let some of the antique look come through. After that, I applied that vinyl decal that I made on my Cricut on my craft sticks. *At the bottom of the page, I’m writing details on how I am selling the decals to my online family VERY cheap if you need one* I inserted that back in the frame, and then created the little bow with some twine by watching YouTube. I’m terrible with bows, but this one I just wrapped it around in a big circle around my four fingers around and around about 10 times, then I tied it in the middle with just a knot. Then I literally just cut each end to create the fringed bow on each side. I just put a little heart button I had in my stash in the middle that I thought would look cute!

Baby Gender Reveal Tree

This turned out to be just the most adorable and sweet craft. I say this, because it is just so meaningful to the Momma when it’s completely finished. When this project is finished, the parents take this to the gender reveal with them. They have the canvas out with a bowl of pink paint and a bowl of blue paint. (Or whatever colors you might choose) Then the guests dip their finger in one or the other and choose what they feel the sex of the baby will be. They then write their name below their fingerprint. This is a keepsake for the parents to have forevermore. I don’t know how to draw very well at all, so I used my Cricut to create a lot of this, but I really wanted to share, because I know a lot of you can paint the tree!

First I cover my craft space with brown postage paper to protect my lap table. I gather all my supplies. I used a cheap 8×10 Dollar Tree frame, 8×10 Canvas panel, Ivory chalk paint, grey acrylic paint, and the Cricut cutouts that I made. I found a tree I liked and printed it on my Cricut. I got the tree and all the words ready to place. Then I took the frame completely apart. I painted the outside frame a cream color. That is what the parents wanted. It took 2 coats, and I used chalk paint, to make sure it adheres. I painted the frame all over, inside and out to make sure none of the gold showed through. On the inside mat of the frame, I painted it a grey color. You can use any kind of paint on this, since it’s paper product that you are painting it on. I used two coats on this as well. I let that dry completely and then put the tree and words on the 8×10 canvas panel where it would still show when I put the mat in the frame. When it all dries, you can put it back together with the glass on, but I wouldn’t close the back completely since the parents will be taking it apart so they can put the fingerprints on the tree. Be sure to remind them that they will need 2 paint colors, and a pen for the guests to sign their name underneath!

Made With Love Kitchen Sign

I created these signs with the intention of giving one to my sweet Momma, and one to my amazing Aunt for Mother’s Day. I decided I wanted one for myself as well, though! 🙂 They turned out adorable and I can’t wait to find a spot in my kitchen for it! As always, please stay safe, healthy and HAPPY! *hugs*

I started off by covering my lap table with brown postal paper to make sure you don’t ruin your surface. I got my jar signs at Dollar General, but I’ve seen them at Dollar Tree, and Hobby Lobby as well! I grabbed all my supplies and tried to get everything together that I thought I would need. I used green paint, I made my letters on my Cricut, but you can get vinyl letters online or at Hobby Lobby or Dollar Tree, twine, a cheap strand of pearls and some white paint. I also used various other supplies like scissors and paint brushes and my hot glue gun and my heat gun to help dry the paint faster.

First I painted my jars green. I had to use two coats. Then I put my vinyl letters on after the paint was completely dry. I made the twine bow, (I just looked up how to make a simple twine bow on YouTube because I’m terrible at bows) and then wrapped it with a small (cheap) string of pearls on both sides of the front. Before attaching the bow, I highlighted the jar with white paint around the edges with a very dry brush. Be sure to use VERY little paint on the brush. It’s better to start with not enough paint and add more. Then I attached the bow at the top with hot glue! All finished!!

Bird House Made from a Shipping Box

This bird house was literally made from a shipping box and various stuff from my craft stash! Ohhhhh, you would not believe the crafting disaster I had making this little guy, though! It is the most hilarious story. Please read on, and you will hear one of my typical crazy mornings. I honestly LOVE this bird house, and that it is just made from odds and ends that I had. I will have links to where you can find some of the things that I used at the end of my blog post, as always though! I don’t know what I was thinking, I am pretty sure I just “got in the groove” of crafting, but I didn’t take as many step by step photos on what I did on this project as I went along. But, I will talk you through it in my walk through below, and as always, if you have ANY questions, please feel free to email me! Stay safe, healthy, and HAPPY!!! *hugs*

As always, I started by covering my lap crafting table with some brown postal paper. Then I gathered what I thought I would be using for this project. At first, I thought I was going to make a regular house, but it turned out looking more like a bird house, so I changed directions! You should always just go with the flow, and make what makes your heart happy!!! I got a box that was shipped to me the day before, some tiny flowers, floral moss, some white acrylic paint, a cheap throw away baking pan that you buy from the grocery store, twine, small Popsicle sticks, wood stain, some scrapbook paper that I had that looked like weathered wood, black paint, a small dowel rod, and you’ll also need various other supplies such as E6000, a hot glue gun, scissors, paint brushes, modpodge, ruler and other stuff I am probably leaving out right here that I will mention later on!

I started off by drawing out the shape of the house that I wanted on the box on both sides where they matched. I used a ruler to make sure that everything I cut ended up even. If you don’t mind, just eyeball it! 🙂 I also made sure I had a long piece of cardboard that was about 4 inches wide and long enough to go over the top and around my house for the roof. Then I attached the roof to the top with hot glue. I painted all of it white, so that nothing underneath shows. If you don’t have any scrapbook paper, this is where you can paint it the color that you would like it to be. I then cut my paper to the size of the birdhouse on the front, back and both sides. I modpodged it all around. I took one of my paints that was round, I liked the size and I traced around it to make the circle where the black hole will be on the bird house. Then I filled it in with black paint. After that, I cut my dowel rod down to the size I liked it and attached it below the black hole with E6000 and some hot glue where the perch should be. I used my Waverly Antique wax to stain my Popsicle sticks. I then cut out the edges of my “throw away” silver baking pan to fit the edges of my roof to make it look like a gutter. I glued it down with E6000. After the Popsicle sticks dried, I laid them down on the first side of the roof, on the bottom part all the way across with E6000 and hot glue. The top half, I cut off the very top part where it was rounded, so it would be flat at the top of the roof, then glued it down. I did the same on the other side.

This is where I decided that I wanted the fence on the front lawn to be darker than the roof, and everything went all wrong! 🙂 As I sat there, getting prepared to stain the rest of the Popsicle sticks a second time to make them darker, I first cut off the tops into a triangle, and the bottoms to be straight. I also cut several with two straight ends to support the fence posts. Then as I grabbed the wood stain, I started to shake it (as you are supposed to) and I was shaking it well. All of a sudden, the top flies off as I’m on the upswing! This was a 16 fl oz bottle, and almost the whole bottle flew out!!! It was in my hair, all over my clothes, my face, my body, and my lap which had my favorite blanket on it looked like a pool of mud. I just started laughing. I could not believe I had just stained myself! When I finally got up with the blanket, and took it to the bathroom sink it took me SO long to just get the full blown stain washed down the sink. Then I took my blanket and threw it in the wash (knowing it was useless) with bleach and a ton of detergent. I then focused on myself. Oh my goodness!!! I am one of those people who usually gets so little sun, that I practically glow in the dark. SO now here I sit and I am brown head to toe. I used all the hot water, and it took several tries to get it all off. I’m not positive my hair is the same. Hahaha!

Okay, SO… I digress, next (later that night) I stained my fence post sticks again. After this, I laid them down, and glued the support sticks across them the way that I liked them. One on top, and one on bottom. I did this on the left side, and on the right side. Then, because I wanted it to wrap around, I also made a mini fence for both sides with just 2 posts. I stuffed the bottom with floral foam to take up some room. Then I covered it with floral moss by just coating it with hot glue and letting it stick, then looking at it and seeing where else it needed to go. This part is MESSY! You might want to do it over an empty grocery bag so you can throw the mess away easier. Then I cut the flower stems off at the base and put each one in one by one the way that I liked it by first putting hot glue on the bottom. (I used a darker purple flower than I showed at the top) I then took some hot glue, and about an inch at a time I went around my black hole with it. Then I just took some left over and tied a tiny bow and hot glued it to the perch. The final thing that I did was take a Welcome sign that I got from Walmart, and hot glued it to the front!

Lost Socks-Seeking Soulmates Sign

Many of my crafts I would describe as “really pretty” or “adorable”. (In my own humble opinion) This one, however, I really just wanted for my own personal use in my laundry room! I love this sign, and it just spoke to me! I hope all of you are staying safe, healthy and HAPPY out there!! If you have any questions, as always, please feel free to reach out to me! *hugs*

As always, first of all, I started with a clean work space by putting postage paper from Dollar Tree on my lap table. Then I gathered all my supplies. I have a picture of most of my supplies down below. I also used a couple of baby wipes, and a Styrofoam bowl or plate is very handy as well in this project. For this project I used an unfinished piece of wood I bought at Hobby Lobby, chalk paint in Ivory, Waverly Antique Wax, a basket, some wooden beads, twine, the words I printed on my Cricut (you can use stickers as well), and a few other supplies such as paint brushes and scissors, a hot glue gun, I used a heat gun (not necessary, it just makes the project go faster) and a screw driver that I keep close buy that I bought at Harbor Freight for $4.00 that has a bunch of little bits that are perfect for a project such as this!

So first, I painted my sign ivory. It took 2 coats, I took pictures below where you can see the first coat and after the second. When painting, always be sure to let the paint dry between coats, so you don’t get lumps. I used a heat gun, but you can also use a hair dryer, or just wait it out! After the second coat was dry, I took a baby wipe, and I just lightly wiped on some of my Waverly Antique Wax around the edges and in the middle some to make it look distressed. I didn’t want it to be overly distressed. If I got too much, I could take a clean baby wipe and wipe it off, and try again. If you don’t like the way it looks, you can always just paint over it again! When I achieved the look I liked, I dried it again, and then I applied my words to the top of my sign in the center. Then I took my handy dandy little screw driver, and attached the basket in the center under the words. I sat the sign to the side, and took a plate out (I didn’t have a bowl which is MUCH easier) and painted my beads black to match the letters and basket. The black paint only took one coat, but many other paints take 2. I cut a decent piece of twine for to hold my sign/beads, you always would rather have too much, rather than not enough. After they were dry, I took my twine, and put just a dab of hot glue at the end of it and let it cool down some, then twisted it a little. This allows me to put the beads on without a struggle. On the other end, I knotted it 3 times to make sure the bead doesn’t fall off. Then I knotted it 2 times between each bead to create a space. This isn’t necessary. I just like the way it looks (and you use fewer beads). When I got to the end, I knotted it 3 times again, and then took both ends and hot glued it (I used a lot) and used E6000 to reinforce it to the back of board to hold.