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Baby Gender Reveal Tree

This turned out to be just the most adorable and sweet craft. I say this, because it is just so meaningful to the Momma when it’s completely finished. When this project is finished, the parents take this to the gender reveal with them. They have the canvas out with a bowl of pink paint and a bowl of blue paint. (Or whatever colors you might choose) Then the guests dip their finger in one or the other and choose what they feel the sex of the baby will be. They then write their name below their fingerprint. This is a keepsake for the parents to have forevermore. I don’t know how to draw very well at all, so I used my Cricut to create a lot of this, but I really wanted to share, because I know a lot of you can paint the tree!

First I cover my craft space with brown postage paper to protect my lap table. I gather all my supplies. I used a cheap 8×10 Dollar Tree frame, 8×10 Canvas panel, Ivory chalk paint, grey acrylic paint, and the Cricut cutouts that I made. I found a tree I liked and printed it on my Cricut. I got the tree and all the words ready to place. Then I took the frame completely apart. I painted the outside frame a cream color. That is what the parents wanted. It took 2 coats, and I used chalk paint, to make sure it adheres. I painted the frame all over, inside and out to make sure none of the gold showed through. On the inside mat of the frame, I painted it a grey color. You can use any kind of paint on this, since it’s paper product that you are painting it on. I used two coats on this as well. I let that dry completely and then put the tree and words on the 8×10 canvas panel where it would still show when I put the mat in the frame. When it all dries, you can put it back together with the glass on, but I wouldn’t close the back completely since the parents will be taking it apart so they can put the fingerprints on the tree. Be sure to remind them that they will need 2 paint colors, and a pen for the guests to sign their name underneath!

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Made With Love Kitchen Sign

I created these signs with the intention of giving one to my sweet Momma, and one to my amazing Aunt for Mother’s Day. I decided I wanted one for myself as well, though! 🙂 They turned out adorable and I can’t wait to find a spot in my kitchen for it! As always, please stay safe, healthy and HAPPY! *hugs*

I started off by covering my lap table with brown postal paper to make sure you don’t ruin your surface. I got my jar signs at Dollar General, but I’ve seen them at Dollar Tree, and Hobby Lobby as well! I grabbed all my supplies and tried to get everything together that I thought I would need. I used green paint, I made my letters on my Cricut, but you can get vinyl letters online or at Hobby Lobby or Dollar Tree, twine, a cheap strand of pearls and some white paint. I also used various other supplies like scissors and paint brushes and my hot glue gun and my heat gun to help dry the paint faster.

First I painted my jars green. I had to use two coats. Then I put my vinyl letters on after the paint was completely dry. I made the twine bow, (I just looked up how to make a simple twine bow on YouTube because I’m terrible at bows) and then wrapped it with a small (cheap) string of pearls on both sides of the front. Before attaching the bow, I highlighted the jar with white paint around the edges with a very dry brush. Be sure to use VERY little paint on the brush. It’s better to start with not enough paint and add more. Then I attached the bow at the top with hot glue! All finished!!

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Bird House Made from a Shipping Box

This bird house was literally made from a shipping box and various stuff from my craft stash! Ohhhhh, you would not believe the crafting disaster I had making this little guy, though! It is the most hilarious story. Please read on, and you will hear one of my typical crazy mornings. I honestly LOVE this bird house, and that it is just made from odds and ends that I had. I will have links to where you can find some of the things that I used at the end of my blog post, as always though! I don’t know what I was thinking, I am pretty sure I just “got in the groove” of crafting, but I didn’t take as many step by step photos on what I did on this project as I went along. But, I will talk you through it in my walk through below, and as always, if you have ANY questions, please feel free to email me! Stay safe, healthy, and HAPPY!!! *hugs*

As always, I started by covering my lap crafting table with some brown postal paper. Then I gathered what I thought I would be using for this project. At first, I thought I was going to make a regular house, but it turned out looking more like a bird house, so I changed directions! You should always just go with the flow, and make what makes your heart happy!!! I got a box that was shipped to me the day before, some tiny flowers, floral moss, some white acrylic paint, a cheap throw away baking pan that you buy from the grocery store, twine, small Popsicle sticks, wood stain, some scrapbook paper that I had that looked like weathered wood, black paint, a small dowel rod, and you’ll also need various other supplies such as E6000, a hot glue gun, scissors, paint brushes, modpodge, ruler and other stuff I am probably leaving out right here that I will mention later on!

I started off by drawing out the shape of the house that I wanted on the box on both sides where they matched. I used a ruler to make sure that everything I cut ended up even. If you don’t mind, just eyeball it! 🙂 I also made sure I had a long piece of cardboard that was about 4 inches wide and long enough to go over the top and around my house for the roof. Then I attached the roof to the top with hot glue. I painted all of it white, so that nothing underneath shows. If you don’t have any scrapbook paper, this is where you can paint it the color that you would like it to be. I then cut my paper to the size of the birdhouse on the front, back and both sides. I modpodged it all around. I took one of my paints that was round, I liked the size and I traced around it to make the circle where the black hole will be on the bird house. Then I filled it in with black paint. After that, I cut my dowel rod down to the size I liked it and attached it below the black hole with E6000 and some hot glue where the perch should be. I used my Waverly Antique wax to stain my Popsicle sticks. I then cut out the edges of my “throw away” silver baking pan to fit the edges of my roof to make it look like a gutter. I glued it down with E6000. After the Popsicle sticks dried, I laid them down on the first side of the roof, on the bottom part all the way across with E6000 and hot glue. The top half, I cut off the very top part where it was rounded, so it would be flat at the top of the roof, then glued it down. I did the same on the other side.

This is where I decided that I wanted the fence on the front lawn to be darker than the roof, and everything went all wrong! 🙂 As I sat there, getting prepared to stain the rest of the Popsicle sticks a second time to make them darker, I first cut off the tops into a triangle, and the bottoms to be straight. I also cut several with two straight ends to support the fence posts. Then as I grabbed the wood stain, I started to shake it (as you are supposed to) and I was shaking it well. All of a sudden, the top flies off as I’m on the upswing! This was a 16 fl oz bottle, and almost the whole bottle flew out!!! It was in my hair, all over my clothes, my face, my body, and my lap which had my favorite blanket on it looked like a pool of mud. I just started laughing. I could not believe I had just stained myself! When I finally got up with the blanket, and took it to the bathroom sink it took me SO long to just get the full blown stain washed down the sink. Then I took my blanket and threw it in the wash (knowing it was useless) with bleach and a ton of detergent. I then focused on myself. Oh my goodness!!! I am one of those people who usually gets so little sun, that I practically glow in the dark. SO now here I sit and I am brown head to toe. I used all the hot water, and it took several tries to get it all off. I’m not positive my hair is the same. Hahaha!

Okay, SO… I digress, next (later that night) I stained my fence post sticks again. After this, I laid them down, and glued the support sticks across them the way that I liked them. One on top, and one on bottom. I did this on the left side, and on the right side. Then, because I wanted it to wrap around, I also made a mini fence for both sides with just 2 posts. I stuffed the bottom with floral foam to take up some room. Then I covered it with floral moss by just coating it with hot glue and letting it stick, then looking at it and seeing where else it needed to go. This part is MESSY! You might want to do it over an empty grocery bag so you can throw the mess away easier. Then I cut the flower stems off at the base and put each one in one by one the way that I liked it by first putting hot glue on the bottom. (I used a darker purple flower than I showed at the top) I then took some hot glue, and about an inch at a time I went around my black hole with it. Then I just took some left over and tied a tiny bow and hot glued it to the perch. The final thing that I did was take a Welcome sign that I got from Walmart, and hot glued it to the front!

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Lost Socks-Seeking Soulmates Sign

Many of my crafts I would describe as “really pretty” or “adorable”. (In my own humble opinion) This one, however, I really just wanted for my own personal use in my laundry room! I love this sign, and it just spoke to me! I hope all of you are staying safe, healthy and HAPPY out there!! If you have any questions, as always, please feel free to reach out to me! *hugs*

As always, first of all, I started with a clean work space by putting postage paper from Dollar Tree on my lap table. Then I gathered all my supplies. I have a picture of most of my supplies down below. I also used a couple of baby wipes, and a Styrofoam bowl or plate is very handy as well in this project. For this project I used an unfinished piece of wood I bought at Hobby Lobby, chalk paint in Ivory, Waverly Antique Wax, a basket, some wooden beads, twine, the words I printed on my Cricut (you can use stickers as well), and a few other supplies such as paint brushes and scissors, a hot glue gun, I used a heat gun (not necessary, it just makes the project go faster) and a screw driver that I keep close buy that I bought at Harbor Freight for $4.00 that has a bunch of little bits that are perfect for a project such as this!

So first, I painted my sign ivory. It took 2 coats, I took pictures below where you can see the first coat and after the second. When painting, always be sure to let the paint dry between coats, so you don’t get lumps. I used a heat gun, but you can also use a hair dryer, or just wait it out! After the second coat was dry, I took a baby wipe, and I just lightly wiped on some of my Waverly Antique Wax around the edges and in the middle some to make it look distressed. I didn’t want it to be overly distressed. If I got too much, I could take a clean baby wipe and wipe it off, and try again. If you don’t like the way it looks, you can always just paint over it again! When I achieved the look I liked, I dried it again, and then I applied my words to the top of my sign in the center. Then I took my handy dandy little screw driver, and attached the basket in the center under the words. I sat the sign to the side, and took a plate out (I didn’t have a bowl which is MUCH easier) and painted my beads black to match the letters and basket. The black paint only took one coat, but many other paints take 2. I cut a decent piece of twine for to hold my sign/beads, you always would rather have too much, rather than not enough. After they were dry, I took my twine, and put just a dab of hot glue at the end of it and let it cool down some, then twisted it a little. This allows me to put the beads on without a struggle. On the other end, I knotted it 3 times to make sure the bead doesn’t fall off. Then I knotted it 2 times between each bead to create a space. This isn’t necessary. I just like the way it looks (and you use fewer beads). When I got to the end, I knotted it 3 times again, and then took both ends and hot glued it (I used a lot) and used E6000 to reinforce it to the back of board to hold.

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Wooden Stick Framed Farmhouse Heart

I thought and thought all week on what craft to make for the blog. I have a bunch of random things in my “craft stash”, but I can’t just run to Hobby Lobby, because it’s closed right now, and running to random stores is just out of the question because I have other people at my house to think about when it comes to keeping people healthy. SOOOO, I thought and thought, and my daughter and I recently gathered up a few twigs outside in our back yard. Then I just used some random things that I had to make what I have this week. I was really surprised at how well it came out. I literally just used a gold $1.00 8×10 frame that I got at Dollar Tree, some scrapbook paper that I had already, and just some paint, ribbon and a button I had to bring it all together. I know I saw something similar a long while back, but I can’t remember where. I love how this turned out, but when the craft stores open back up, I am definitely going to make some more with different colors! I’m so excited!!! I hope you are all staying safe, healthy and HAPPY!!!! *hugs*

As always, I started with a clean surface for my craft area. I just covered my lap desk with postage paper that I got from Dollar Tree a long while back. One roll has lasted me a couple of months so far! (But I don’t use it daily) Then, I gathered up the sticks that my daughter and I had collected while out on a walk in our back yard last week. You could also use wooden dowels for this craft, and just stain them, if you’re unable to get out to get sticks. I just really liked the way the sticks looked. I first printed out a heart that I liked the shape of on the internet, then I cut it out. I made it into a pdf, and will put it on the bottom of this blog for you to print out if you would like. I had an 8×10 gold frame, and I removed the glass, and kept all the insides. (You could use the glass for another craft project at some point, I’m sure, but I don’t use it for this one). Then I painted the gold frame with chalk white paint, making sure to get the outside and inside of the frame. I used 3 coats to cover it fully (always making sure the last coat dried first, by using my heat gun, but you can just wait it out or use a hair dryer if you don’t have a paint gun). Then I painted the inside mat of my frame a matching metallic green color. (This took 2 coats) Then I slowly started putting my sticks on my heart. This was a very slow process. I used my glue gun, and it stuck very well for me, but I used wire clippers to trim the little sticks down, and I also had to really clip around them to get them nice and even around to where they fit evenly on the heart. I know this might seem tedious, but that’s one part of crafting I enjoy. I like to sit and really “get things right”. When the end product really turns out nice, it makes it all worth it! After I completely covered my heart with my sticks, I then took jute rope and started at the bottom, and surrounded the heart with it. I had to put a little extra glue from the hot glue on the ends to make sure that they don’t fray as well. Then I made the bow. I really just kind of “winged it” with things I had on hand. If you look at the bow I made, I just took some blue rafia I got on sale at Easter, and some blue Burlap ribbon and some white sparkly ribbon I had with some brown burlap and literally cut 2 circles out of the brown burlap. (One circle slightly smaller than the other) Then I hot glued a button I thought was pretty on top. I literally hot glued my bow all together, other than the rafia. I tied it with a piece of blue rafia after making it into a little bow, and then cut off the excess pieces. I already had the scrap paper on hand in my stock pile from Hobby Lobby, and just put it in the frame before closing it back up with the mat back on top of it. Then I hot glued the wood heart in the middle, and applied the bow! Walah!!! I honestly was just over the moon excited over this one! I hope you are too!

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Stunning Wooden Jenga Cross

This simple amazing cross was made from Jenga blocks, and a very simple bow I made! It turned out stunning, and it was really fast to make! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

As always, start off by covering your craft area with a protective cover. I use postage paper. The supplies you need are so simple! You will need a set of Jenga blocks in multi colors, (or some stain), wood glue (VERY IMPORTANT), and something to make a bow!

First lay out your design of your cross. You might want to do this on wax paper, so it doesn’t stick. Then take wood glue, and glue each block on every side to each other. It must be wood glue. I tried literally almost every other kind of glue, and nothing worked for me. I used gorilla glue, hot glue, elmers glue, E6000, and super glue and none of these held for me. Finally I ordered wood glue (it took a while, since it is during the Covid period), and the wood glue worked!! Once the glue has dried, I gently took off the excess with a scraper. I then made a simple bow, by looking up a how to video on you tube (simple jute bow). Then added a button I had on hand in the middle! That was all!

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Flower Goose Egg with Bow

This amazing project turned out SO gorgeous! The pictures absolutely do not do it justice. It is super simple, with very few supplies needed, but it is time consuming, which I don’t mind at all. I love projects that take my mind to another place.

First, I always cover my lap table with postage paper that I got from Dollar Tree to keep it from getting damaged. The supplies you will need are simple, a flower paper punch, 4 pages of 12×12 pretty scrapbook paper, a Styrofoam goose egg, pearl end sewing pins (I used 3/4″, size 12), and a hot glue gun. I embellished it with a pretty ribbon tied into a bow at the top.

To create this beauty, I punched out a LOT of flowers out of two different papers. I used silver glitter paper for the bottom paper, and a light purple for the top. Then after this was finished, I took my pearl pins, and started at the top, and worked my way down in straight lines down, making sure all the white styrofoam was covered. After I finished each line, I took my hot glue gun, and I hot glued down each pin so it won’t come out. This part is VERY important, as you don’t want your pins to come out later where you are stepping on them. I started with E6000, but it wasn’t working very well, so I went to hot glue, on low temperature. I worked my way all the way around the whole egg, just covering from top to bottom. It took quite some time, but I really enjoy the time to craft. Once I completed the egg, I took a small ribbon at the top, and evenly put it on the top to make sure when I hot glued it to the top it held on evenly. Then I made a really pretty matching bow, and attached it to the top of the small ribbon. Then after this dries, you can hang it on a door, or an ornament hanger. How Fun!

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Super Simple GORGEOUS Coasters!

These turned out just so pretty! I have never tried this craft until today, and am just SO happy with the outcome! These were absolutely so easy to do, and just took a few items to make, making them very budget friendly. My daughter and I had a fun time making these together. I really hope everyone out there is staying healthy, safe and having FUN! *hugs*

*First cover your craft space with something to make sure you don’t damage where you’re working. I used brown postage paper that I found at Dollar Tree for $1.00 a roll, but Wal-Mart sells it online for $2.05 a roll.
*Next gather your supplies. I used 4 tile coasters, a regular napkin that I bought on Amazon because I liked the design, mod podge, white chalk paint, a sanding block, and some spray sealer. (Also some scissors, paint brushes and a heat gun which is not necessary, but speeds up the process)
*I painted two coats of chalk paint on the top of the coasters to cover most of the existing design, then used the heat gun to speed up the drying process. Again, the heat gun is not necessary, but be sure to let each coat dry all the way before applying the next coat.
*Open one of your napkins. It will most likely have several *plys* to it. You only want the top ply. The rest you can use however you want, or throw them away. I was able to cut my top ply into 4 pieces and use it to cover all 4 of my coasters when it was open. Not all napkins are this large. You will have to place it over the coaster, and see if it will cover more than one. If it does, cut it into however many sections you need, so it is ready for the mod podge stage. You want your napkin to OVERLAP the coaster. Do not cut it perfectly to size.
*After the last coat of paint is dry, apply a thin coat of mod podge to one of the coasters. Then take one of your pieces of napkin, and lay it on the coaster how you want it to look on the coaster. Remember, if it has stripes, you want to make sure the stripes are lined up correctly here. Gently pat down the napkin with the paint brush that you used to put the mod podge on. I used it to help get wrinkles out as well. I still had some wrinkles when it was all done, but it will get a lot of the wrinkles out if you do that this stage, BUT the napkin is very fragile, so you have to be gentle at the same time. Repeat this process for all the coasters.
*Once the napkins are on just how you like them, put another layer of mod podge on top with your paint brush. Make sure you cover the tile completely. I used the heat gun again here to dry it faster, but again, this is not necessary.
*Once the mod podge is completely dry, take your sanding block, and gently sand off the excess napkin in a DOWNWARD motion, so you don’t take the napkin off the tile. I sanded each tile on each side in the downward motion only until I felt they were all smooth and just felt nice. I wasn’t worried if there was some blue on the side, as long as it was smooth.
*If any of the napkin has lifted up anywhere after the mod podge has dried, you need to apply some more mod podge right where the napkin has lifted up and press it down. I used my finger, but you can use a brush.
*After everything was sanded and dried, I put one coat of spray sealer on it to make sure that if it gets wet, it won’t ruin it. It takes 24 hours at least for the sealer to dry, so I let them sit to dry after that! (Be sure your area is well ventilated)
*It might sound like a lot of steps, but honestly, this craft was SUPER simple, very budget friendly *I think this one cost me $1.50 total because I found the coasters on clearance*, and it was a lot of fun, too!!

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Fairy Light Jar Signs

These turned out even prettier than I thought that they would! I am super excited to share them with you! I hope that if you like the way the pictures look, that you give them a try! They really don’t take a whole lot of work to put together, either. I hope you love them as much as I do!

As always, the first thing I did was cover my work space with some brown postal paper that I got from Dollar Tree for $1.00 for a roll of it. You can also buy this online, though!
Then I gathered all my supplies: 2 wooden plaques, 2 (32 oz) mason jars, white paint, paint brush, flowers of choice, fairy lights, twine, 2 wrought iron nail hooks, 2 nail backers. (I will list where you can buy everything online at the very bottom of this post)
I started by removing the stickers from the bottom of the jars.
Then I painted my plaques white. Be sure to paint everywhere that might be seen, all the sides, and a little around the back as well.
Then I removed the lids, and put my fairy lights in. (Keep the part that screws back on, but you won’t need the lid part)
Then I made an arrangement of my flowers how I liked it. I used lavender that I found on sale at Hobby Lobby, and I cut the bottom off with wire trimmers because it had wire in it, and then tied it together tightly with twine. You can use any color that you like, and as long as you don’t hot glue your flowers in place, you can change it any time you like!
Then I took twine, and wrapped it around the copper part that twisted back onto the jar several times, securing it with plenty of hot glue on back. (while it was ON the jar) I let the hot glue dry, then I made a small loop in one, and held it up to where I was going to put the hook, and looked to see where I wanted it to hang. I then hot glued a loop in the back the size of loop I wanted it to be. I did the same to the other one, making sure they would hang the same distance down.
Then I took a screw driver and installed the hook. (I probably should have done this first)
Then I put the flowers in the top, and hid the remote control in the flowers where you couldn’t see it.
I made a simple bow out of twine and attached it to the very front with some hot glue. (you can find this on youtube)
Then I simply hung them from the hooks!
I will most likely hot glue them to the backs of the boards to center them better, but I LOVE the way they turned out!

*Wooden plaques – Hobby Lobby $1.79 (when on sale)—9-x-12/p/20855
*Mason Jars – Hobby Lobby 32 oz. $1.44 each (on sale)—32-Ounce/p/21738
*Fairy Lights – Amazon 16 pack $15.99
*White Paint – Wal-Mart $.50 at our local store (not sure how much for your store)
*Flowers – Hobby Lobby $1.99 (Full Price)
*Twine – 656 feet $7.49
*Wrought Iron Nail Hooks – Amazon 12 pack $17.38

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Easter Wine Glass Candle Holders

Okay you guys, my daughter and I did this craft, and it turned out SOOOOO flippin’ adorable! I mean, it was “awwww” adorable!! I saw some pictures of similar bunnies on Pinterest and I just HAD to try it! SOOOO here you guys go! I am posting my step by step process on how we made them! Yay!! Enjoy, stay safe, healthy and happy!

Okay, so as always, the first thing you want to do is gather your supplies! You’re going to need at least 1 wine glass. (We used 3.) Then you need white CHALK paint. It’s important that you use chalk paint, otherwise it might not stick to the glass. You also need some burlap or other ribbon of your choice to decorate the front, and burlap to cut out the ears, pink acrylic paint, and black and pink markers that are made to mark on glass. You’ll also need candles. I used votives, because that’s all I had, but slightly larger pillar candles look gorgeous! (It’s best to use the flameless candles) You will also need a hot glue gun, alcohol, and various other things like a paint brush etc.

First, take off any stickers that might be on your wine glasses. I used alcohol to do this, and to clean them inside and out.
Next, paint the INSIDE of your wine glasses with white CHALK paint. I used 2 coats. Be sure to let the first coat dry completely before adding the second coat.
Then turn the glasses upside down (important) and draw the bunny faces on them. (I practiced on my brown postage paper before drawing on the glasses)
Then print out some bunny ears (I have a copy of the bunny ears in pdf form that I used below these directions). Cut them out, and put them under the burlap. I traced around the burlap with a black sharpie marker and then painted where the pink should go on the inside of the ears before I cut out 3 sets of ears.
Then I made the bow out of burlap, and a matching bow on the outside of that, and attached the ears on the back, with floral wire up the back of the burlap ears to help hold them up. (You can just use hot glue on the top part of the glass if you don’t have floral wire)
You attach the bow/ears to the base of the glass, and put a candle on top and it’s finished!

* Please note, I do not have any affiliate links at this time. I just research the best prices that I can find for you online. You might find better prices, please always look for what is best for YOU!

* Wine Glasses – I got mine at Dollar Tree for $1.00 each. You can find them at Bed Bath and Beyond for $9.99 for a set of 12
* White Chalk Paint – Wal-Mart $5.62
* Burlap – Amazon $13.94 (this will last you a good long time for small crafts)
* Candles – Wal-Mart – $2.33 for 50
* Black and Pink markers – Amazon $5.24
* Pink Acrylic Paint – Wal-Mart $.50 (It says that on mine, may be different price for yours)