Dog Sign With Leash Tail

Oh my gosh! Could this sign be any more adorable? I love animals, so this sign just called to me. When I completed it, I was just in love! I made one for each of my dogs. I have two male dogs, and one female dog. I put a little bow on the female dog, and they were just the cutest signs in the world. I loved the tails, and the bow, and just everything! If you don’t have a Cricut (or even if you do) and you would like me to create the vinyl part of the sign for you, I can. Just scroll down to the bottom and I will have some details for you. I hope this blog post find you Safe, Healthy and HAPPY!! *hugs*

First I started off by covering my work space with brown postage paper that I bought from Dollar Tree. Then I gathered all of my supplies I thought I was going to use for my project. I had a piece of wood cut at Lowes. It measured 7 1/2″ across x 9″ down when it was cut. I also used Waverly Wax, twine, wooden beads, a sanding block, the vinyl print out with the dog and the dog’s name, a black coat hook, white paint, and various other supplies such as scissors, ruler, paint brushes, water spritzer, paper towels or baby wipes, Styrofoam bowl, phyllips screwdriver and glue gun!

First of all, I sanded all edges making the whole piece of wood completely smooth. Then I used my water mister (you can just use a water bottle) and I misted the wood down really well, and also misted down my Waverly wax that I put to the side to stain the wood with. Right after I stained the wood, I wiped it down really well with a baby wipe.

Next I put all my beads into a bowl, and added the paint and misted it with water as well. I let the beads roll around by shaking them around in circles in the bowl to get really good coverage on all of them. I set them to the side to dry while I applied the vinyl decals. (I used my Cricut to make the decals. If you would like me to make the decal for you, please scroll to the bottom for details)

After I got the decals in the right spot, I put the coat hook in the right spot, and used my little handy dandy screw driver to screw it down. It took a bit of elbow grease to get it in there well, but was very possible. On my girl dog sign, I put a little flower on the head with some hot glue.

Then I triple knotted the end of the twine to keep the wooden bead on. I used some hot glue on the end of the twine to make it easier to thread the wooden beads. I tied knots between each bead to leave space. When I was satisfied with the length, I hot glued both ends to the sign. I used quite a bit of hot glue to make sure it holds well.

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