Coffee Hug in a Mug Sign

This sign turned out absolutely adorable! It was actually VERY simple to make, and it makes me wanna make more! I made it for the coffee nook that I haven’t completed in my head yet! Haha I’m bound and determined to have a coffee nook that is my own little space! I want to decorate it, and change it with the seasons and make it mine! *daydreaming* This is absolutely one sign that is going in my future nook! I hope you like it as much as I do. As always, if you have any questions at all, please always feel free to message me at the email at the right. Also, sign up to get emails from me! I don’t send them out yet, but soon I plan on sending out some monthly emails with crafts and tips that I have done from the comfort of my bed!!! *exciting* Please Stay Safe, Healthy and HAPPY!!! **Hugs**

As always, I started off by covering my lap craft table with brown postage paper that I bought at Dollar Tree. Then I gathered all of my supplies I thought I was going to use. I almost always end up using something else here and there, but I try to get everything I can think of together. With this project I used a 5×7 frame from Hobby Lobby, Chalk paint in “Elephant” by Waverly, Chalk paint in white by DecoArt, Large craft sticks, twine, and I created the print out I used on my Cricut *At the bottom of the page, I’ve put details on how you can purchase a decal from me very cheap if you need one*. I also used various other supplies such as my glue gun, paint brushes, heavy duty scissors (mine are Fissors) to cut the craft sticks, regular scissors, ruler, sand block, and a button I had in my stash.

First I took the frame apart and set the glass aside. You won’t be needing the glass for this project. Then I took the cardboard on the inside and set the craft stick on it straight. I marked two lines on each end showing where they needed to be cut off. I also stacked them up to see how many I needed. (I used 9) Then I made the marks on each of my sticks. I cut off the ends on each of the 9 sticks, so they were all the right size. I used white DecoArt chalk paint and painted them all with 2 coats, making sure to let the first coat dry completely first. Then I glued them all very close to each other on the cardboard, making sure they were on straight, and lined up. Once they were all on there, I painted the frame with 2 coats of Waverly chalk paint in Elephant color. Again, making sure that the coats were dry before putting on the second coat. Once it was all dry, I lightly took my sanding block, and took it over the little bumps that were on the frame to let some of the antique look come through. After that, I applied that vinyl decal that I made on my Cricut on my craft sticks. *At the bottom of the page, I’m writing details on how I am selling the decals to my online family VERY cheap if you need one* I inserted that back in the frame, and then created the little bow with some twine by watching YouTube. I’m terrible with bows, but this one I just wrapped it around in a big circle around my four fingers around and around about 10 times, then I tied it in the middle with just a knot. Then I literally just cut each end to create the fringed bow on each side. I just put a little heart button I had in my stash in the middle that I thought would look cute!

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