Coffee Bean Sign

Another sign for my upcoming coffee nook! If I make another, I’ll make the frame a black, most likely. I wanted a little color in my life, though! I was feeling a little crazy today! Haha!! I love the color purple too. So there we are! I was super nervous about this sign because I free hand drew the coffee cup, and that is NOT my forte! It all seemed to work out, though. I always have fun crafting. It’s exciting going along and seeing if your project is going to be really good, or just “alright”. I love how my coffee cup turned out, and I can always change my frame color if I want! Right now I’m loving the frame too, though! Yay! I hope you all have as much fun with this as I did! Stay Safe, Healthy and HAPPY, my friends!!! *hugs*

You know I always start off by covering my craft table with brown postage paper. I love my craft table, and want to keep it nice. 🙂 Then I gathered all of my supplies! I used a 5×7 frame, a 5x7canvas panel, whole coffee beans (make sure when you order them, they are whole and not ground), white chalk paint, purple metallic paint, and various other supplies such as a hot glue gun (I used lots of hot glue), paint brushes, and tweezers. Then I took the glass out of my frame, and sat it to the side. I took a pencil and drew out my coffee cup, being sure not to get too close to the edges, so when I put the coffee beans on, it wouldn’t be too close to the frame to put back on. I also drew dots for the steam to give me some idea on how I wanted the shape to go.

Then I started all the outline of the cup with dabs of hot glue on low heat. This means you have to go faster. I went all around, and then up and did the steam. Then I completely filled in the cup as evenly as possible. When all the glue was completely dried, I took the tweezers and pulled off the extra hot glue, to where it looked better.

I then painted the frame completely with white chalk paint. I made sure to get the insides of the frame, and the outsides as well. When that dried, I put on two coats of the metallic purple paint. I waited for each coat to finish drying before putting on the next coat. Then I put it all together!

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