Wooden Stick Framed Farmhouse Heart

I thought and thought all week on what craft to make for the blog. I have a bunch of random things in my “craft stash”, but I can’t just run to Hobby Lobby, because it’s closed right now, and running to random stores is just out of the question because I have other people at my house to think about when it comes to keeping people healthy. SOOOO, I thought and thought, and my daughter and I recently gathered up a few twigs outside in our back yard. Then I just used some random things that I had to make what I have this week. I was really surprised at how well it came out. I literally just used a gold $1.00 8×10 frame that I got at Dollar Tree, some scrapbook paper that I had already, and just some paint, ribbon and a button I had to bring it all together. I know I saw something similar a long while back, but I can’t remember where. I love how this turned out, but when the craft stores open back up, I am definitely going to make some more with different colors! I’m so excited!!! I hope you are all staying safe, healthy and HAPPY!!!! *hugs*

As always, I started with a clean surface for my craft area. I just covered my lap desk with postage paper that I got from Dollar Tree a long while back. One roll has lasted me a couple of months so far! (But I don’t use it daily) Then, I gathered up the sticks that my daughter and I had collected while out on a walk in our back yard last week. You could also use wooden dowels for this craft, and just stain them, if you’re unable to get out to get sticks. I just really liked the way the sticks looked. I first printed out a heart that I liked the shape of on the internet, then I cut it out. I made it into a pdf, and will put it on the bottom of this blog for you to print out if you would like. I had an 8×10 gold frame, and I removed the glass, and kept all the insides. (You could use the glass for another craft project at some point, I’m sure, but I don’t use it for this one). Then I painted the gold frame with chalk white paint, making sure to get the outside and inside of the frame. I used 3 coats to cover it fully (always making sure the last coat dried first, by using my heat gun, but you can just wait it out or use a hair dryer if you don’t have a paint gun). Then I painted the inside mat of my frame a matching metallic green color. (This took 2 coats) Then I slowly started putting my sticks on my heart. This was a very slow process. I used my glue gun, and it stuck very well for me, but I used wire clippers to trim the little sticks down, and I also had to really clip around them to get them nice and even around to where they fit evenly on the heart. I know this might seem tedious, but that’s one part of crafting I enjoy. I like to sit and really “get things right”. When the end product really turns out nice, it makes it all worth it! After I completely covered my heart with my sticks, I then took jute rope and started at the bottom, and surrounded the heart with it. I had to put a little extra glue from the hot glue on the ends to make sure that they don’t fray as well. Then I made the bow. I really just kind of “winged it” with things I had on hand. If you look at the bow I made, I just took some blue rafia I got on sale at Easter, and some blue Burlap ribbon and some white sparkly ribbon I had with some brown burlap and literally cut 2 circles out of the brown burlap. (One circle slightly smaller than the other) Then I hot glued a button I thought was pretty on top. I literally hot glued my bow all together, other than the rafia. I tied it with a piece of blue rafia after making it into a little bow, and then cut off the excess pieces. I already had the scrap paper on hand in my stock pile from Hobby Lobby, and just put it in the frame before closing it back up with the mat back on top of it. Then I hot glued the wood heart in the middle, and applied the bow! Walah!!! I honestly was just over the moon excited over this one! I hope you are too!

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