Stunning Wooden Jenga Cross

This simple amazing cross was made from Jenga blocks, and a very simple bow I made! It turned out stunning, and it was really fast to make! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

As always, start off by covering your craft area with a protective cover. I use postage paper. The supplies you need are so simple! You will need a set of Jenga blocks in multi colors, (or some stain), wood glue (VERY IMPORTANT), and something to make a bow!

First lay out your design of your cross. You might want to do this on wax paper, so it doesn’t stick. Then take wood glue, and glue each block on every side to each other. It must be wood glue. I tried literally almost every other kind of glue, and nothing worked for me. I used gorilla glue, hot glue, elmers glue, E6000, and super glue and none of these held for me. Finally I ordered wood glue (it took a while, since it is during the Covid period), and the wood glue worked!! Once the glue has dried, I gently took off the excess with a scraper. I then made a simple bow, by looking up a how to video on you tube (simple jute bow). Then added a button I had on hand in the middle! That was all!

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