Made With Love Kitchen Sign

I created these signs with the intention of giving one to my sweet Momma, and one to my amazing Aunt for Mother’s Day. I decided I wanted one for myself as well, though! 🙂 They turned out adorable and I can’t wait to find a spot in my kitchen for it! As always, please stay safe, healthy and HAPPY! *hugs*

I started off by covering my lap table with brown postal paper to make sure you don’t ruin your surface. I got my jar signs at Dollar General, but I’ve seen them at Dollar Tree, and Hobby Lobby as well! I grabbed all my supplies and tried to get everything together that I thought I would need. I used green paint, I made my letters on my Cricut, but you can get vinyl letters online or at Hobby Lobby or Dollar Tree, twine, a cheap strand of pearls and some white paint. I also used various other supplies like scissors and paint brushes and my hot glue gun and my heat gun to help dry the paint faster.

First I painted my jars green. I had to use two coats. Then I put my vinyl letters on after the paint was completely dry. I made the twine bow, (I just looked up how to make a simple twine bow on YouTube because I’m terrible at bows) and then wrapped it with a small (cheap) string of pearls on both sides of the front. Before attaching the bow, I highlighted the jar with white paint around the edges with a very dry brush. Be sure to use VERY little paint on the brush. It’s better to start with not enough paint and add more. Then I attached the bow at the top with hot glue! All finished!!

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