Flower Goose Egg with Bow

This amazing project turned out SO gorgeous! The pictures absolutely do not do it justice. It is super simple, with very few supplies needed, but it is time consuming, which I don’t mind at all. I love projects that take my mind to another place.

First, I always cover my lap table with postage paper that I got from Dollar Tree to keep it from getting damaged. The supplies you will need are simple, a flower paper punch, 4 pages of 12×12 pretty scrapbook paper, a Styrofoam goose egg, pearl end sewing pins (I used 3/4″, size 12), and a hot glue gun. I embellished it with a pretty ribbon tied into a bow at the top.

To create this beauty, I punched out a LOT of flowers out of two different papers. I used silver glitter paper for the bottom paper, and a light purple for the top. Then after this was finished, I took my pearl pins, and started at the top, and worked my way down in straight lines down, making sure all the white styrofoam was covered. After I finished each line, I took my hot glue gun, and I hot glued down each pin so it won’t come out. This part is VERY important, as you don’t want your pins to come out later where you are stepping on them. I started with E6000, but it wasn’t working very well, so I went to hot glue, on low temperature. I worked my way all the way around the whole egg, just covering from top to bottom. It took quite some time, but I really enjoy the time to craft. Once I completed the egg, I took a small ribbon at the top, and evenly put it on the top to make sure when I hot glued it to the top it held on evenly. Then I made a really pretty matching bow, and attached it to the top of the small ribbon. Then after this dries, you can hang it on a door, or an ornament hanger. How Fun!


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