I’ve been thinking so very much about this blog and what it can do for people. I’m just so excited about how much it will have the ability to help others! I’ve had requests from people to sell some of my crafts, and I’ve considered that, but more than that, I’ve considered maybe sometime writing a book and a digital book to be able to download my projects that can be done comfortably! I have ideas about selling some adorable t-shirts as well! If you’re interested, just let me know! I have an “off” sense of humor, some would say, but I OWN IT! HAHA!!! I hope to make 1 or 2 shirts this weekend to show on here as possible examples! I also have just so many other ideas, keep coming back!


My inspiration came from finding my OWN joy after years of letting myself go. I knew I could help others who are in my situation and even WORSE, get even a small spark of joy back in their life!


I hope to post a new blog of a “How to” craft each Tuesday, and possibly more throughout the week!


My focus is on readers who are disabled, in the hospital, recovering from surgery, in nursing homes, have debilitating depression or just want to craft from the comfort of their own bed/couch/chair, or wherever they are most comfortable! If you know someone I can help, please share this site with them. I would love to help as many people as possible. This really is my passion.

My happiness is crafting! Let me share that with you!