Super Simple GORGEOUS Coasters!

These turned out just so pretty! I have never tried this craft until today, and am just SO happy with the outcome! These were absolutely so easy to do, and just took a few items to make, making them very budget friendly. My daughter and I had a fun time making these together. I really hope everyone out there is staying healthy, safe and having FUN! *hugs*

*First cover your craft space with something to make sure you don’t damage where you’re working. I used brown postage paper that I found at Dollar Tree for $1.00 a roll, but Wal-Mart sells it online for $2.05 a roll.
*Next gather your supplies. I used 4 tile coasters, a regular napkin that I bought on Amazon because I liked the design, mod podge, white chalk paint, a sanding block, and some spray sealer. (Also some scissors, paint brushes and a heat gun which is not necessary, but speeds up the process)
*I painted two coats of chalk paint on the top of the coasters to cover most of the existing design, then used the heat gun to speed up the drying process. Again, the heat gun is not necessary, but be sure to let each coat dry all the way before applying the next coat.
*Open one of your napkins. It will most likely have several *plys* to it. You only want the top ply. The rest you can use however you want, or throw them away. I was able to cut my top ply into 4 pieces and use it to cover all 4 of my coasters when it was open. Not all napkins are this large. You will have to place it over the coaster, and see if it will cover more than one. If it does, cut it into however many sections you need, so it is ready for the mod podge stage. You want your napkin to OVERLAP the coaster. Do not cut it perfectly to size.
*After the last coat of paint is dry, apply a thin coat of mod podge to one of the coasters. Then take one of your pieces of napkin, and lay it on the coaster how you want it to look on the coaster. Remember, if it has stripes, you want to make sure the stripes are lined up correctly here. Gently pat down the napkin with the paint brush that you used to put the mod podge on. I used it to help get wrinkles out as well. I still had some wrinkles when it was all done, but it will get a lot of the wrinkles out if you do that this stage, BUT the napkin is very fragile, so you have to be gentle at the same time. Repeat this process for all the coasters.
*Once the napkins are on just how you like them, put another layer of mod podge on top with your paint brush. Make sure you cover the tile completely. I used the heat gun again here to dry it faster, but again, this is not necessary.
*Once the mod podge is completely dry, take your sanding block, and gently sand off the excess napkin in a DOWNWARD motion, so you don’t take the napkin off the tile. I sanded each tile on each side in the downward motion only until I felt they were all smooth and just felt nice. I wasn’t worried if there was some blue on the side, as long as it was smooth.
*If any of the napkin has lifted up anywhere after the mod podge has dried, you need to apply some more mod podge right where the napkin has lifted up and press it down. I used my finger, but you can use a brush.
*After everything was sanded and dried, I put one coat of spray sealer on it to make sure that if it gets wet, it won’t ruin it. It takes 24 hours at least for the sealer to dry, so I let them sit to dry after that! (Be sure your area is well ventilated)
*It might sound like a lot of steps, but honestly, this craft was SUPER simple, very budget friendly *I think this one cost me $1.50 total because I found the coasters on clearance*, and it was a lot of fun, too!!

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