Purple and Gold Dot Art on Wooden Circle

This was something that I really enjoyed doing.  I keep going back to doing these mandala’s because they really take a lot of patience and time.  I’m not the absolute best at them yet, but I do improve with each one.

First I gathered my supplies, and covered my craft table with a brown postage paper! I used a piece of round wood that I purchased at Hobby Lobby, black chalk paint, a white chalk pencil, a stencil, purple and gold paint, dotting tools, a few q-tips, and one that is always wet close by in case you make a mistake. First I painted my wood with black chalk paint. (I didn’t know I was going to share this, so I didn’t take pictures until I got a few steps in) Then I took my stencil, and centered it on the circle and drew the lines with my chalk pencil.  After that, I started in the center and I randomly drew out designs going outward with my dotting tools symmetrically and just hoped it would just look nice.  I am still a little shaky, but hope to improve with practice.  When it is all finished and dried, I just took a wet cloth and wiped off the white chalk marks. If you create one of these, I hope you share it with me.  I absolutely love to see other people’s mandala’s!!

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