Pallet Pumpkins with Wooden Trucks

These adorable pallets started out as just tiny wood pallets (I forgot to take initial pictures of them, I’m sorry) and turned out to be perfect little pumpkins.  I used little squares of wood for the stems, and green floral wire for the leaves on the sides.  Then the wooden leaves on top I painted metallic red!  The wooden trucks with the pumpkins were the finishing touch. I hope you’re staying safe, Healthy and HAPPY!

First I started with a clean desk in my bed.  Then I gathered all of my supplies.  I used 3 mini pallets from Dollar Tree, orange paint, red metallic paint, wooden leaves, wooden trucks, wood squares from Dollar Tree, green floral wire, wood stain, paint brushes, and glue gun.  The first step I did was paint the pallets orange all over.  Then I stained three wooden blocks with wood stain.  I didn’t stain them darkly, though.  I painted the stain on, then wiped it off.  Then after the paint was dry, I attached the wooden blocks to the pallets with hot glue.  I then wound up the floral wire around a paint brush to curl it, and then cut it off and attached it to the top of the pumpkin with hot glue.  I then painted the 9 wooden leaves metallic red and let it dry.  I attached those to the tops of the pumpkins with hot glue after they were dry.  Then I added the little wooden trucks to the bottom with hot glue.  I purchased the wooden leaves and wooden trucks at Hobby Lobby.  I will attach links to everything I can find at the bottom as always. I also used raffia at the end and just tied it in the middle and attached with hot glue it and cut it on each side.


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