Merry Christmas Sign with Red Truck

This Christmas craft, was a very simple craft, and really is above cute!

First of all, I  cleaned off my lap table. Then I gathered all of my supplies.  I used a 5×7 frame, with some bumps on the inner part for some texture, white chalk paint, a Christmas ornament with a red truck, some scrapbook paper, mini ornaments, unstrung pearls and twine!  The first step was to paint the frame white.  You really need to use chalk paint here, to make sure it adheres.  You might also need 2 coats.  Once that is completely dry, I took a sanding block, and gently rubbed the edges where the bumps are on the frame, and randomly over the frame.  I then took the backing out, and traced around it on the scrapbook paper, then cut out the scrapbook paper and hot glued it to the cardboard.  Then I took my twine and put the ornaments and pearls on it, making sure to tie the ends off.  I then took that and draped it along the frame, hot gluing it where I wanted it to stay.  I attached my truck ornament to the backing with the scrapbook paper, and then put it back into the frame!  All done!


5×7 Frame – Dollar Tree – $1.00
Mini Christmas Ornaments – Dollar Tree – $1.00
Unstrung Pearls – Amazon – $6.99
Christmas scrapbook paper – Hobby Lobby – $0.69—12-x-12/p/80641784
White Chalk Paint – Hobby Lobby – $ 1.39
Twine – Amazon – $5.99
Red Truck ornament – Dollar Tree – $1.00

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