Keurig Coffee Pod Holder

This is one craft that is a HUGE transformation from beginning to end!  I love this so much.  I intend on using this in my upcoming coffee nook to hold my Keurig Pod’s!  I wanna make a smaller version for tea bags soon.

First of all, I cleaned off my craft area.  Then I gathered all of my supplies.  I used a mesh trash can from Dollar Tree, a candy cane from Dollar tree, some zip ties, paint and embellishments! First, I completely unwrapped the candy cane to reveal just the plastic underneath.  The only part that I used was the top part where it curves, to make a “handle” for the cup.  I cut off the handle with heavy duty scissors. Then I took the trash can and used my hands to bend it into a “coffee cup” shape.  These baskets are pretty delicate, so go slow with this part.  After you’ve achieved the right shape, take zip ties and attach your plastic “handle” to the side where it looks right.  cut off the excess plastic on the zip ties, then paint the handle and zip ties black with chalk paint.  After this, I took a wooden tag, painted it black, then wrote “Coffee” in metallic marker.  I got some twine and attached it to the top!  I love how this turned out.  I know others have done a version of this, but I had to try it and share it!



Candy Cane – Dollar Tree – $1.00
Mesh Trash Can –  Dollar Tree – $1.00
Zip ties – Amazon – 4.99
Black chalk paint – Hobby Lobby – $1.99
Wooden Tags – Dollar General – $1.00 (For 6)

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