Super Cute Four Leaf Clover

Hey everyone!!  Today has been another super busy day, but as promised, I have a craft for you!  Okay, it is a new one for me too, so as I was doing a step by step for you, I was experimenting myself!  Please always feel free to customize your own stuff to make it yours too!  This blog is to get you crafting in comfort, however that needs to happen.  If you want a yellow clover, you make a yellow clover!  Do what makes you HAPPY! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me at any time!  I took a picture of the list of items I thought I was going to use to create this, but there might be a couple of items added or taken away during the crafting process.  If so, I will always be sure to include it in the picture taking, and link it where you can purchase everything at the very end!

Happy Crafting

  1. I started off by printing off my Four Leaf Clover.  I just found one I liked online.  At the bottom is a link to the one that I used, you can use any one that you like, though.  You may have to do some resizing if you use a different one, though. Also, before I begin, I like to cover my work area with some cheap packing paper that I get at the Dollar Store. You can get it online too! I’ll link it for you at the bottom. I just tape it on. My work area, is just a wooden lap desk I got a really long time ago. I’ll make another post sometime soon about how I keep everything within easy reach for myself.
  2. I cut out my clover, on the outside edges. (The outer green part)
  3. I put my clover on my FLAT canvas (make sure that it isn’t framed, just a thin piece) Don’t place the clover too high, too low, and not too far right and not too far left.  If you do, the frame won’t go on it at the end. Leave about 1” in all directions) I centered mine as best as I could.  I didn’t measure it.  I just “eyeballed it” to see what looked right.
  4. I held down my clover steady while tracing around it lightly, (but dark enough to still see) making sure that it stayed even as possible. (It doesn’t need to be absolutely perfect)
  5. Remove the clover paper (you can save it for later if you want to make another one sometime)
  6. Start gluing on the buttons with E6000 (I used all different sizes and variations of green, using the larger (and cheaper) green ones on bottom, otherwise you just cover the small ones up. *Note* You might want to have a small plate for the E6000 to sit on, it likes to leak. Also, I try to save the small ones to fill in gaps later on when you’re at the end of the project.  (When doing this part, try to keep them as flat as possible) This part has no real perfection to it.  My buttons overlap, and go all over, but I try very hard to never go out of the pencil lines I drew. (Then it won’t look like a clover anymore)
  7. After I have completely covered the whole clover, I wait 15 minutes, and take tweezers, and pull off the little strings of glue on top.  You don’t have to do this, but they drive me crazy.  Haha.
  8. On the frame, remove the glass, and the paper/any anything but the actual frame. Save the frame and very back only. You can keep the glass for another project if you’d like, or throw it away. I take the backing out to paint the picture frame you have whatever color you prefer, so it doesn’t dry, and stick closed.  I chose “classic green”. I had to paint mine with 2 coats to get good coverage, but let the first coat dry before applying the second coat.
  9. I made a wooden hangar to go on back by first staining five 16mm wooden beads with Waverly stain wax (I very lightly spritzed the beads with a bit of water to dilute the stain a bit) that I found at Wal-Mart, and then letting those dry.  Then I painted five more 16mm wooden beads the same color I painted the frame, then let those dry. Be sure to wash your brushes before the paint and stain dries on them to keep your brushes in good condition!
  10. I tied a double knot at the end (leaving about 2 inches of twine after the knot), to hold on the first bead, then I put a tiny dab of hot glue on the other end of my jute to help thread the beads. Then I alternated the beads on jute with a DOUBLE knot between each bead.  Then I double knotted after the last bead, and I just hot glued it on the back sides of the frame with lots of hot glue to make sure it holds well.

I think it turned out super CUTE!!  I’m lovin’ it.  Let me know if you guys like it!  Leave me a comment below, yay or nay! I am super excited about next weeks craft you guys!  I really think you are going to like it too.  Subscribe to my blog so you won’t miss it.  Also, be sure to share this with anyone who you think might benefit from being able to craft from the comfort of their bed! 

You will also need some basic crafting supplies such as a hot glue gun, scissors, pencil, paint brushes, some paper plates, tweezers, and I use a lot of baby wipes and paper towels! Oh, and patience, lots of that!
*The brown craft paper I use to cover my wood lap table, I get from the dollar store for a dollar, but here is a link where you can get it online at Wal-Mart, or if you plan on crafting a lot, Amazon is a better deal. Just choose what is best for you. Wal-Mart $4.97
Amazon – $16.89

I promised you guys that I was going to upload a picture of at least one of my new shirts, and here it is! This shirt couldn’t be more me. I say this all the time. It is always flying out of my mouth!!! If anyone wants a Geez Louise shirt, let me know, and I’ll see what I can do!! Weeee! So excited!

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