One Crazy Week!

Hey everyone! I have had one crazy week! My sweet daughter plays volleyball, (I am the coach, I just have to sit as often as possible!) and it feels like we have had back to back practices! When we aren’t having practices, I’m planning one, or trying to update the parents, or trying to plan for the games. Whew!

I HAVE been really thinking about what craft I want to post for this Tuesday! I am thinking it is going to be a St. Patty’s day craft! I hope you guys agree, because I have all the supplies already!!! The following Tuesday, more than likely, I will do just a nice home decorating craft of some sort, then an Easter craft. I might throw in a children’s Easter craft in there on a Thursday or Friday, too. (I already have an adorable one in mind)

Also, I created a couple of shirts that are just SOOOO me over the weekend. I couldn’t be more excited. WEEEEE! I made one for me and one for my daughter! My son refuses to wear this one. Haha! I’ll get one on them someday though! Mark my words!!! 🙂 My daughter and I are going to wear them for when I make the tutorial and upload it on Tuesday. It may have a small video, if I can figure that out. If not, I’ll be sure to include at least a picture. If I get enough interest in them, I might sell them! You’ll have to let me know!! Okay, so look for my upload on Tuesday, excitement is just oozing out of me right now!!!

**Keep Smiling**

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