Beaded Snowman Ornament

This was SUPER simple, and something that the kiddos can easily do as well!  So much fun, and it’s good for the soul!  It really only takes a few supplies, and you have an adorable snowman ornament! I hope you are all staying safe, Healthy and HAPPY!

First I always clean my crafting area off, and then gather all of my supplies.  Next I gather my supplies.  I used wooden beads, red embroidery floss, some bells, some twine, white paint, and an orange and super fine permanent marker.  The first step is to tie a large knot in at the bottom of your twine, making sure it’s large enough that the beads won’t slip off.  I then painted my beads with a white wash, by adding some water to white paint. After those dry, put 3 wooden beads on the twine. When I pulled the twine though the top bead, I tied it off, then created a loop at the top with the twine.  Then you just paint the face and buttons on with orange and black marker!  I then tied a bow on the front with red embroidery thread, and attached a little bell with some hot glue!


My Crafting Companion is Too Tired to Continue!

My poor sweet little girl couldn’t go any longer… ??????


Scratching Post (Kid Friendly Craft With Adult Supervision)

Hey there everyone! So I had a great week with my family. I am currently signed up to learn Graphic Design online, as well. I’m taking evening courses 2 nights a week. My schedule is filling up a little bit!! I am researching how to completely and totally revamp my life financially and mentally to make our family always feel relaxed and feel like we always know what’s going on, and what’s coming. I am also working on how to share all of this with you. Not only do I want to share it with you after I finish, to show you how to help do the same for yourself, but I want you to actually see me go through the process! I’ll be writing this in a separate post as well, but I wanted all of you to know this, in case you didn’t read my other post. Exciting things really are to come. All of this, and I still completely plan on doing my crafting still (it’s my JOY) and people have been commissioning me for work on the side!! Oh my!

This project really is SUPER simple, and just takes a few items to complete! One of our cats, keeps wanting to scratch next to our door, so I grabbed my daughter, and she and I made this hanging scratching post. My daughter did almost all of the work for this. She sanded the wood with the sanding block, stained the wood, and she actually ran the hot glue gun, as well. (She is 11) I created the vinyl lettering that she wanted in pink (our cats are girls, and that’s the color my daughter chose) on the Cricut, and I also did the wrapping on the rope as she glued it. I ran the staple gun as well. (not necessary, but I used one for extra stability) Ella even took the step by step pictures, as she did each process!

First, Ella gathered all of her supplies. On this, she used a 1-inx6-inx2-ft board, 1/4″ Sisal rope, twine (for the bow at the top) Waverly Antique Wax (to stain the board), we used a staple gun, and the vinyl lettering that I made on the Cricut, as well as various other crafting tools, such as a glue gun, paint brushes, and scissors. Ella took the wood plank and sanded it on all sides, corners and front and back, making sure every part was smooth. Next, you make sure that you get all the dust off of the wood. Then you can stain it or paint it whatever color you like, or you can leave it natural. When that is dry, then you need to start hot gluing your 1/4″ Sisal rope around the board. You should start at the bottom, on the back of the board. I started by using a staple gun, to use extra security, but the hot glue held really well. Then as I pulled the rope tight around each corner, Ella put glue on each end of the board. It took a while to do this, but it is completely secure, and doesn’t move around at all. When we got to the top, where we wanted to stop, (We marked a line, and went slightly past the line) we pulled it tight in the back, and I secured it with the staple gun again, and lots of glue from the glue gun. If you just held it tight, for the glue to dry, staples are not necessary.

We put the lettering on the wood, where Ella wanted it placed, then we measured out how much Sisal rope we would need for the sign to hang down correctly from the door handle. (So it wouldn’t hang down and touch the floor) We then just hot glued the Sisal rope on at the very top really well, to hold the sign. After that, we just made a really simple bow out of our jute twine, and put it on there for looks and put it up on our door! Hopefully, this solves our door scratching problem!


Coming tomorrow!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know I didn’t forget about you!!! ?? I am uploading a new project with instructions tomorrow! Below is what the finished project looks like! I hope everyone is safe and healthy and happy! *hugs*