Jenga Block Pumpkins

I know it’s been a while since I posted, but I really needed some time with my family, and Covid hit us pretty hard.  These are so simple and so adorable! These can be painted any color, so they can be used for Halloween or Thanksgiving or just Fall in general!  I painted some a cream color, and some pumpkin orange.  I put them on my 3 tier tray on display when I was finished with mine.

First I started with a clean area for my craft space, then I gathered all of my supplies. I used Jenga blocks that I purchased at Dollar Tree, but you can use any Jenga blocks you want.  I used the little square wooden blocks that Dollar tree sells for the stems.  I also used pumpkin colored paint, cream paint, and green for the stems.  I used floral wire and raffia for the finishing touches.  First I used hot glue put the blocks together.  If you want to make sure it is really secure, you might want to put some wood glue on as well.  After I got the “base” of the pumpkins made, I painted them orange.  Make sure you get all the nooks and crannies, top  and bottom.  I then painted the wooden squares green for the stems.  While those dried, I took my paint brush and just wrapped the floral wire around  the bottom of it to make the “stems” for the pumpkins.  I put the floral wire bottom of the stem inside the small hole. and secured it with hot glue, then I put the square green block on top for the stem with hot glue.  After this, I made a small bow with the raffia and secured that to the front with hot glue.  Then they were finished and SO adorable!

  • Jenga Blocks – Dollar Tree, but you can also purchase them at Amazon – $4.18
  • Floral Wire – Hobby Lobby – $3.99
  • Raffia – Walmart – $2.24
  • Wooden Square Blocks – Walmart – $6.98
  • Pumpkin chalk paint – Walmart – $.50
  • Green Apple Barrel Paint – Walmart – $.50

Teal Pumpkin Sign with Wooden Bead Halo

The next several posts, you’ll see this statement:  I am SO sorry it’s taken me so long to post these past several posts, but the holiday season with my family came first, and Covid hit us pretty hard.  This turned out so very pretty…. Everyone I showed the final product of this craft was in love.  I recommend that you make sure to use a somewhat thick piece of wire, so that it doesn’t bend very easy.

First, I covered my lap desk with clean postage paper.  I took the wooden pumpkin that I purchased at Dollar Tree, and I used my heat gun to heat up the panels and then pulled them off with a small chisel.  After pulling them off, I stained the bottom pumpkin part a little darker by putting the stain on, then wiping most of it off with a baby wipe.  Then I painted each of the panels a metallic green.  (Making sure to paint the sides as well)  While those dried, I took my wooden beads, and I put them in a bowl with paint that has some water in it to make it where the beads don’t have a super thick cover and just rolled them around, then took them out to dry.  I then just took some hot glue, and glued the  panels back where they belong and took some twine and wrapped it around the stem at the top, securing it in the back with hot glue.  I took a fairly large gauge wire and I threaded my white beads on it.  I bent it to the angle I liked, and secured it to the back of the pumpkin at the bottom on each side.  I purchased a “blessed” wooden saying at Hobby Lobby for 1/2 off, and hot glued that on the front at an angle.  After this, I finished it with a super cute “messy bow” that has little pom poms and burlap on it.  If you aren’t sure how to make a messy bow, YouTube has lots of videos on how to make one.  They really are probably the easiest way to make a really cute bow!  I sure hope you enjoy this craft as much as I did!


Wooden Pumpkin – Dollar Tree $1.00
Wooden Beads – Amazon – $12.99 for 200
Blessed Sign  – Hobby Lobby $1.49
Twine – Amazon – $4.99
Wood Stain – Amazon – $12.82
Cream Paint – WalMart – $.50
Metallic Paint – Hobby Lobby – $1.61
Wire – Walmart – $4.59