Grateful/Thankful/Blessed Coaster Sign

I really love the crackle and the color in this sign. I know it is only a small pop of yellow, but I think it’s just adorable. Stay Safe, Healthy and HAPPY my amazing friends! *hugs*

First, I covered my lap table with brown postage paper! (now if you follow my blogs, I know you’re not surprised by this!!) Next I gathered my supplies I thought I would be using! I used 3 coasters, twine, wood beads, ivory chalk paint, yellow paint, vinyl decals, or you can write it with a black paint pen as well by hand, and draw the flower. If you would like me to make the decals for this project for you, please read the supply list at the bottom. It was a really simple flower. You will also need other supplies such as a glue gun, paint brushes, black sharpie and scissors.

First I painted the coasters ivory several times (making sure to let the paint dry between coats). Then I changed my mind and wanted to paint it a grey color. After I painted it grey, I changed my mind again, and went back to ivory. Haha, so I painted lots of coats of paint. By the time I was finished, it had a crackle finish on it. I really liked it.

Then I put on my vinyl decals that I made with my Cricut. My flower did not have black in the middle, so I just colored it in by hand with a black sharpie. I really love the way they turned out. As I stated above, if you don’t have a Cricut, you can just write it yourself, or if you would like, I can make the decals for you for a small cost. Just read the supplies below for cost information.

Next I colored 4 wooden beads yellow. I let them dry well, and triple knotted a long piece of twine. I put some hot glue on the other end of the twine to make it easier to put the wood beads on. I put a bead on, then I attached a twine tassel that I made. The more that I worked with the tassel, the better it looked. At first I wasn’t sure about it, but it looked much better the more that I played with it. I knotted the twine above the bead very well, then I attached it to the bottom coaster with a very good amount of hot glue. then I took the hot glue to the top of the coaster and went straight up and hot glued it to the top of the back of the coaster. Then I tied another triple knot after the glue had dried well, and put on another bead. I did this all the way up, until all the coasters were attached and there was a bead at the very top. Then you should create a hanger with the twine. I did a loop, but I think that if you did a hanger where it held on both sides, then came up and had a yellow bead at the top, I think that would be more steady. I’m not sure if that’s the case, though since I didn’t do this. At any rate, I think it really turned out super cute! I love it!

Baby Gender Reveal Tree

This turned out to be just the most adorable and sweet craft. I say this, because it is just so meaningful to the Momma when it’s completely finished. When this project is finished, the parents take this to the gender reveal with them. They have the canvas out with a bowl of pink paint and a bowl of blue paint. (Or whatever colors you might choose) Then the guests dip their finger in one or the other and choose what they feel the sex of the baby will be. They then write their name below their fingerprint. This is a keepsake for the parents to have forevermore. I don’t know how to draw very well at all, so I used my Cricut to create a lot of this, but I really wanted to share, because I know a lot of you can paint the tree!

First I cover my craft space with brown postage paper to protect my lap table. I gather all my supplies. I used a cheap 8×10 Dollar Tree frame, 8×10 Canvas panel, Ivory chalk paint, grey acrylic paint, and the Cricut cutouts that I made. I found a tree I liked and printed it on my Cricut. I got the tree and all the words ready to place. Then I took the frame completely apart. I painted the outside frame a cream color. That is what the parents wanted. It took 2 coats, and I used chalk paint, to make sure it adheres. I painted the frame all over, inside and out to make sure none of the gold showed through. On the inside mat of the frame, I painted it a grey color. You can use any kind of paint on this, since it’s paper product that you are painting it on. I used two coats on this as well. I let that dry completely and then put the tree and words on the 8×10 canvas panel where it would still show when I put the mat in the frame. When it all dries, you can put it back together with the glass on, but I wouldn’t close the back completely since the parents will be taking it apart so they can put the fingerprints on the tree. Be sure to remind them that they will need 2 paint colors, and a pen for the guests to sign their name underneath!

Easter Wine Glass Candle Holders

Okay you guys, my daughter and I did this craft, and it turned out SOOOOO flippin’ adorable! I mean, it was “awwww” adorable!! I saw some pictures of similar bunnies on Pinterest and I just HAD to try it! SOOOO here you guys go! I am posting my step by step process on how we made them! Yay!! Enjoy, stay safe, healthy and happy!

Okay, so as always, the first thing you want to do is gather your supplies! You’re going to need at least 1 wine glass. (We used 3.) Then you need white CHALK paint. It’s important that you use chalk paint, otherwise it might not stick to the glass. You also need some burlap or other ribbon of your choice to decorate the front, and burlap to cut out the ears, pink acrylic paint, and black and pink markers that are made to mark on glass. You’ll also need candles. I used votives, because that’s all I had, but slightly larger pillar candles look gorgeous! (It’s best to use the flameless candles) You will also need a hot glue gun, alcohol, and various other things like a paint brush etc.

First, take off any stickers that might be on your wine glasses. I used alcohol to do this, and to clean them inside and out.
Next, paint the INSIDE of your wine glasses with white CHALK paint. I used 2 coats. Be sure to let the first coat dry completely before adding the second coat.
Then turn the glasses upside down (important) and draw the bunny faces on them. (I practiced on my brown postage paper before drawing on the glasses)
Then print out some bunny ears (I have a copy of the bunny ears in pdf form that I used below these directions). Cut them out, and put them under the burlap. I traced around the burlap with a black sharpie marker and then painted where the pink should go on the inside of the ears before I cut out 3 sets of ears.
Then I made the bow out of burlap, and a matching bow on the outside of that, and attached the ears on the back, with floral wire up the back of the burlap ears to help hold them up. (You can just use hot glue on the top part of the glass if you don’t have floral wire)
You attach the bow/ears to the base of the glass, and put a candle on top and it’s finished!

* Please note, I do not have any affiliate links at this time. I just research the best prices that I can find for you online. You might find better prices, please always look for what is best for YOU!

* Wine Glasses – I got mine at Dollar Tree for $1.00 each. You can find them at Bed Bath and Beyond for $9.99 for a set of 12
* White Chalk Paint – Wal-Mart $5.62
* Burlap – Amazon $13.94 (this will last you a good long time for small crafts)
* Candles – Wal-Mart – $2.33 for 50
* Black and Pink markers – Amazon $5.24
* Pink Acrylic Paint – Wal-Mart $.50 (It says that on mine, may be different price for yours)

Country Style Vase

This is a super easy, and quick craft that you can do from the comfort of your bed! (It can take about an hour and 1/2 from start to finish without something to dry the paint) You can choose whatever colors you like for your paint and flowers, so it’s completely customizable, and my version was extremely budget friendly! (I bought my supplies at Dollar Tree, and Dollar General (other than the paint). My 11 year old even helped me out a lot on this craft! She loves to craft with mom. Below, find all the instructions, and pictures of the how to on how to make this adorable vase! I hope you love it as much as I did! Let me know if you have any questions at all! (I was inspired by a Pinterest post)

  • First be sure to cover your work area with something where you aren’t worried about getting paint on it. (I use postage paper from Dollar Tree taped to my lap desk)
  • Gather all your supplies: I will link where to find everything online below, but I found my things in local stores for cheaper. I got 2 sets of glass salt and pepper shakers (a total of 4) at Dollar Tree for $1.00 per set. I got the butter dish (you can use the glass kind, or the plastic kind) from Dollar Tree for $1.00. I got the cream and blue flowers for $3.00 per set at Dollar General, but only used 1/2 of each bunch. I already had the twine, but I bought it at Dollar General a while back for $1.00. I used chalk paint that I purchased at Hobby Lobby for 1/2 price @ $4.50 a jar. I used a sanding block I purchased at Dollar Tree for $1.00.
  • I started by sanding 3 of the shakers (that’s all my butter dish would hold, some butter dishes hold more. You might want to check to see how many yours will hold, also, you won’t need the silver tops to them), then I sanded my butter dish, to make sure the paint holds to the glass and plastic better. Then wipe it off with a wet wipe, or spray with alcohol and wipe down with a paper towel to get the bits off.
  • Then I painted the shakers, and the butter dish 2 coats of ivory chalk paint. (If you use anything other than chalk paint, or spray paint it might not adhere) Be sure to let the paint dry completely between painting the coats. (I use a heat gun to speed up the process, but that’s not necessary at all)
  • Then I hot glued the twine around each of the shakers at the top. Not at the VERY top, but right after where the twist part at the top stops for the silver shaker part. (if that makes sense…)
  • Then I took really small wooden beads (and just hot glued them on the bottom side of where my dish would be sitting on the counter, so it would be more of a “pedestal” look)
  • Then I hot glued the butter dish (upside down to hold the salt and pepper shakers) as far back to the “bottom part” as possible and as centered as possible. Then I hot glued each of the shakers down as best as I could into the butter dish to keep them steady, without using a huge amount of glue. I made a simple jute bow on front, and hot glued that to the center front.
  • I clipped 2-3 stems of flower per shaker and just sat it in. You can change it out with the seasons! SO adorable!!! Love it!