Beaded Snowman Ornament

This was SUPER simple, and something that the kiddos can easily do as well!  So much fun, and it’s good for the soul!  It really only takes a few supplies, and you have an adorable snowman ornament! I hope you are all staying safe, Healthy and HAPPY!

First I always clean my crafting area off, and then gather all of my supplies.  Next I gather my supplies.  I used wooden beads, red embroidery floss, some bells, some twine, white paint, and an orange and super fine permanent marker.  The first step is to tie a large knot in at the bottom of your twine, making sure it’s large enough that the beads won’t slip off.  I then painted my beads with a white wash, by adding some water to white paint. After those dry, put 3 wooden beads on the twine. When I pulled the twine though the top bead, I tied it off, then created a loop at the top with the twine.  Then you just paint the face and buttons on with orange and black marker!  I then tied a bow on the front with red embroidery thread, and attached a little bell with some hot glue!


Ghost with Tealight Nose

This is a craft that I put together for my daughter’s teacher to do at their Halloween party, and it was a HUGE HIT!  They are so adorable, and the kiddos can decorate their room with them when they finish.  You can make any face you want on the front.  Stay safe, Healthy and HAPPY!

First of all I started with a clean crafting area.  Then I gathered my supplies.  I used small white cups, an exact-o knife, battery operated tealight candles and a sharpie marker.  First I drew the eyes on and the mouth, so I knew where I would need to cut the cup for the tealight candle.  Then I made a small x with my exact-o knife and was able to push the “nose” through with no problem.  This is such a simple and fun little craft!


White cups – Amazon – $12.99 (for 50)
Battery Operated Tealight Candles – Amazon – $15.99 (for 50)
Black sharpie marker – Walmart – $4.00

Three Tier Tray

This is a super simple and CHEAP way to create a 3 tier tray!  You get to choose what color  you want it to be to match your decor to boot.  I hope you are staying safe, Healthy and HAPPY!

First of all, I cleaned off my crafting area. The next step is to gather all of my supplies.  I made 2 trays, in 2 different colors, so I got my round cake pans, stove burners, candlesticks, paint, and E6000.  Then I took the biggest burner and used that on the bottom, I attached that to the bottom of the cake pan with E6000, then I attached the smaller burner cover to the cake pan with a candle holder between each one.  I let this dry a full day.  Then I went in and painted both the color I wanted them to be.  It’s important to use chalk paint here, as if you use anything else it most likely won’t adhere.  I had to use 2 coats of paint (letting the 1st coat dry fully before applying the 2nd coat).  After that dried, I took a paint brush and added the black around the rims of the pans.  That really is all there is to it, it’s super cheap, and a simple process.  Enjoy!


Set of stove burner covers – Dollar Tree – $1.00
Round cake pan – Dollar Tree – $1.00
Chalk paint in whatever color you choose – Hobby Lobby – $ 1.99
Black Paint – Hobby Lobby – $ 1.59
Candlestick holders – Dollar Tree – $1.00 each
Wooden beads – Amazon – $ 6.99
E6000 – Walmart – $

Beaded Pumpkins

This is another craft that I sent to my daughter’s class for them to create at their Halloween party. It’s extremely simple to do, and all the kids loved it!  I hope you are all staying safe, Healthy and HAPPY!

First of all I cleaned off my craft area.  Then I gathered all of my supplies.  I used orange pony beads (you can use any color), orange pipe cleaners, and green pipe cleaners. Then I took 4 pipe cleaners, and entwined them in the middle where it looks like wheel spokes.  On each “spoke”, I pushed 15 pony beads to the very center. I held the middle of the “wheel spoke” and pulled all of the pipe cleaners together, then I twisted the pipe cleaners together at the top to hold them all together.  Then I took a green pipe cleaner and created a stem on the orange pipe cleaner at the top.  Finally, I “fluffed out” my pumpkin by pulling each pipe cleaner back to make a pumpkin shape!


Orange pony beads – Hobby Lobby – $0.99
Orange pipe cleaners – Walmart – $1.94
Green pipe cleaners – Walmart – $1.94

Reindeer Wood Slice Ornaments

These are some of the cutest finished crafts that I have ever made. They are extremely simple, and fun, and great gifts!  I hope you are all safe, Healthy and HAPPY!

First of all, I cleaned off my craft area.  Then I gathered my supplies.  I used wood slices (make sure it has a hole on the top), foil permanent vinyl, little felt balls, a gold bell and ribbon.  I started by creating the ornaments on my Cricut.  I can give you the file if you just mail me.  Then after I cut it all out and weeded it, I placed them on each wood slice.  I decorated them by putting a little felt red ball on Rudolph’s “nose”, then black felt balls on the rest.  I added a little bell on the upper right hand corner with some hot glue, and a small bow as well.  Then I used the cord that came with the wood slices to make them into ornaments!

Wood Slices (With a hole at the top) Amazon – $16.99 (for 30)
Foil Permanent Vinyl – Amazon – $12.00
Tiny felt balls – Amazon – $5.49
Bells – Hobby Lobby – $4.49—3-8%22/p/22796
Ribbon – Walmart – $7.30 (for a huge roll)

Decoupaged Soap – Christmas Themed

These soaps are SUPER easy, and extremely adorable.  You can do them for any season, or any decor that you want to use.  I hope you are all staying safe, Healthy and HAPPY!

First of all, I cleaned off my craft area.  Then I gathered all of my supplies.  I used bars of Dove soap, cute napkins, and decopage! First you start off by peeling away the upper most layer of the napkin you want to use.  Then take the decopage and put a thin layer all over the top of the soap.  Lay your napkin on the soap exactly how you want it to look, then use decopage again on the top of the napkin to seal it.  While it’s wet, gently pull away at the edges to pull it away from around the soap.  That’s it!  It’s such a simple craft!

Dove soap – Dollar Tree $1.00 per bar of soap
Cute napkins – you can find many small sets of napkins online.  Here is one example – $ 9.99 for 50 napkins
Decopage – Wal-Mart – $ 0.97

Merry Christmas Truck

This little sign is just so cute!  It’s also extremely simple.  Pretty much all you need are the embellishments and some chalk paint and hot glue. As always, I hope you’re all staying safe, Healthy and HAPPY!!

First of all, I cleaned off my craft area.  Then I gathered all of my supplies.  I used a brownie pan (try to not get the non-stick kind, the paint wants to peel), white chalk paint, a little red truck with tree ornament, ribbon, some scrapbook paper, miniature trees, ribbon, wooden letters, gold gilding gel, E6000, hot glue gun, and embellishments. First I put on 2 coats of white chalk paint around all the sides and top of the pan.  I didn’t need to put it in the very middle because I was going to cover that with scrapbook paper anyway.  Then I put the paper in the pan upside down to trace the size to cut out.  Then I cut it out, cutting in just a tiny bit to make sure it fit in the bottom.  Then I attached it with E6000, and tacked the corners with hot glue to keep it in place.  Then I hot glued a small jenga block to the back of my truck ornament and then placed it on the lower left side of the pan with hot glue.  Then I took miniature trees and staggered them on the right side by hot gluing them to the bottom of the pan.  Then I added the bow on top, and Christmas tree lining around the outer edges with hot glue.  Then I painted my wooden letters white, and then used gold gilding gel and lightly used my finger to rub around the edges of the letters to make them pop  a little bit.  I placed them where I thought it would look good, then I hot glued them down as well. Finally I added some holly berries on the corners, and ribbon on the back to hang it.  If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me anytime!

Brownie Pan – Dollar Tree – $1.00
White Chalk Paint – Hobby Lobby – $1.99
Red truck Ornament – Dollar Tree – $1.00
Ribbon – Hobby Lobby – $1.99
Scrapbook paper – Hobby Lobby – $ 0.34
Holly with Berries – Target (Dollar Spot) – $3.00
Wooden Letters – Hobby Lobby – $ 4.49—1-1-4/p/80821272
Golden gilding Gel – Amazon – $8.22
Miniature Trees – Dollar General – $1.00 for 3
E-6000 – Walmart – $ 2.97

Mini Lantern Snowmen

These are just absolutely SO adorable, and can be used as decorations, or ornaments! They are extremely simple to make, and pack a punk on the cuteness factor!  I hope everyone stays safe, Healthy and HAPPY!

First of all, I cleaned off my craft area. Then I gathered all of my supplies.  The little lanterns are something that I ordered online from Dollar Tree, but I had to order a minimum of 20.  I got faux snow, some small carrots that I had left over from Easter, and some permanent markers and felt in various colors, but you can also use ribbon if you’d like.  The first step is to carefully pull the lanterns apart at the bottom.  Then I filled them by turning them upside down and filling it up with the faux snow.  I then put the lantern’s back together. I cut the ends off the carrots, glued them to the front with the hot gun  and made miniature scarves with the felt.  I then drew simple faces on the front of them with a permanent marker!  These are actually quite simple!


Mini Lanterns: Dollar Tree – $1.00 each – But you have to wait for them to come into season to purchase them.
Faux snow: Amazon – $6.99
Carrots: Amazon – $12.99 (for 40)
Felt: Walmart – $0.28

Blue and White decoupaged Pumpkins

I actually think these are my favorite craft that I’ve created to date.  I adore the look of these. They are classic, and beautiful with so many decors.  I scoured around and found the blue and white napkins at various different places!  I hope you all stay safe, Healthy and HAPPY!

First of all, I cleaned off my craft area. Then I gathered all of my supplies.  I had 3 foam pumpkins from Dollar Tree, but you can purchase them anywhere pretty cheap.  I also used some acrylic paint, white chalk paint, Model Magic, my blue napkins and decoupage.  I used some ribbon to embellish them as well.  The first step was to remove my stems, then paint the pumpkins white with chalk paint (I used 2 coats).  It’s important you use chalk paint to make sure it adheres to the pumpkin and doesn’t peel off.  Then I created my stems.  I used a little bit of model magic and rolled it into a good size ball, then I cut that in 1/2.  After that I just molded the clay around the green stem and made them the way I wanted them to look. I then painted those with the chalk paint as well.  I used 2 coats.  I used the tooth picks to push them into something that would keep them up straight.  I let these dry overnight so the clay was hardened.  Then I painted each stem the color I wanted.  I used metallic silver and metallic blue.  Then you choose what napkins you want to use, and peel them apart until you only have the very top pretty layer left. Next, I put some decoupage into a Styrofoam bowl and used a paintbrush to cover the pumpkins one small section at a time and applied the napkins. I did this by cutting the napkins into sections that I wanted to use all around the pumpkin.  You may have to use decoupage at the very end to put on the pumpkins and use the paint brush to get the napkins to stay down on the pumpkins.  After this, I let these dry another day, and they were done.  I know the process takes a while, but to me it was worth it!


Foam Pumpkins: Dollar Tree: $1.00, or you can get 12 pumpkins online at Amazon: $14.99
Napkins: (20 napkins) on Amazon – $5.99
White chalk paint: Hobby Lobby: $1.99
Metallic Paints: Hobby Lobby – $2.99
Ribbon Embellishment: Hobby Lobby – $1.99—3-8%22/p/47020
Model Magic: Amazon – $3.49

Jenga Block Snowmen

I just adore this craft!  It’s very straight forward, and turns out simply adorable!  One of my best friends did this with he daughter after I gave her instructions as well, and it just was a super easy craft.  This is a perfect craft to give as a gift, or to decorate your own tree with! I love this one.

First I cleaned off my lap desk.  Then I took my wooden tags, and cut them to the size of a “brim of a hat” with a small little saw.  I made extra because they were so thin, that they broke pretty easy.  Then I gathered all my little jenga blocks and painted mine a cream color.  You can use any color you want your snowman, I just chose cream.  As those were drying, I started painting my brims of my hats.  You need to cut them before you paint them so the top and bottoms aren’t exposed.  After that, I took the hat “brims” and hot glued them on, at an angle.  After this, I painted above where I put the brim on, and where the hat would be around the snowman.  Then I took really small eye hooks, and screwed them into the top of the hats.  This was probably the hardest part of the craft.  I took a push pin too “pre-drill” a hole.  I took my checkered ribbon and cut it into strips.  I wrapped each strip around the snowman’s body, then I took a toothpick with black paint to make the eyes and buttons and mouth.  Then I took another toothpick to create the nose with orange paint.  I added glitter to mine by just putting a bit of modpodge on the front with a paint brush, then sprinkling it on.  I finished it off by taking twine, and attaching it to the eye hook as a hanger.  It is a really adorable effect!


Jenga Blocks: – Dollar Tree – $1.00
Wood tags – Dollar General – $1.00
Eye screws – Hobby Lobby – $1.99—15mm/p/29341
Twine – Amazon – $4.99
Black paint – Hobby Lobby – $1.59
Orange Paint – Hobby Lobby – $1.39