These are just the most darn adorable and EASIEST crafts I think I’ve done in quite some time! If all I have to do is gather 3 supplies and sit and listen to some true crime stories while I do my magic I am one happy lady!! I just seem to have issues coming across pumpkin colored chunky yarn locally. That’s not a huge deal, I just gathered up some blush and grey and had some fun. Use whatever colors make you happy! Remember, stay safe. Healthy and HAPPY!!

First I gathered my 3 little materials!  Some chunky yarn, a full roll of cheap toilet paper and a small stick from a tree (or you can use cinnamon sticks). Then I started by tying a knot through the center of the toilet paper, and then I just started pulling the yarn through the center of the toilet paper roll very tightly, and super close to each strand.  It will pull the toilet paper tightly.  The more yarn you pull through the center, the harder it is to get through, but just keep pushing it through until you get it all the way around.  Once you get it to the end, you might just have to push it through end to end.  You won’t even have to tie it into a knot because it will be wound so tightly already!  Then all you have to do is put your stick into the top!  Super cute and super easy!

Chunky Yarn: Walmart –  $10.16
Toilet Paper – Walmart – $7.97
Cinnamon Sticks (If you don’t have sticks available) – Walmart – $4.98