Mandala Pendant

This craft can be tedious for some, but I find a lot of enjoyment in doing these mandala’s.  They are very repetitive, but the final product is just so beautiful.  I hope everyone is staying safe, Healthy and HAPPY!

First of all, I cleaned off my craft area. Then I gathered my supplies.  I got my pendant, paints, my stencil template, white chalk pencil and dotting tools. Then I started by painting the base color. (I started by painting mine black first, but changed my mind, and went with metallic blue) Then after that is dry, I put my stencil on it centered, and then used my white chalk pencil and created the lines to make it easier to keep the dots even.  Then I started with a dot in the middle, then worked my way out from the middle with varied sized dots and colors.  After this was dry, on some of the dots, I added an additional dot on top for dimension.  That is really all there is to this craft!  I’ve done several things with this, and really adore them.



Pendant – Amazon – $ 8.00 for 10 pendants –
Paint – Hobby Lobby – $2.29
Dotting tools – Amazon – $ 14.99
Chalk pencil – Amazon – $ 6.08 for 5 pencils –
Stencil template – Etsy – $ 13.68 For 2 different stencils –

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