Pine Cone Halloween Gnomes

These are super cheap and fun to make!  I made 24 of them for my daughter’s class to have for Halloween. They were a huge hit, and something they can save, if they want.

First of all, I cleaned off my craft area.  Then I gathered my supplies.  I used Halloween fabric, some polyfill, some various little Halloween embellishments, a lil wooden nose, some little pom poms, and of course the pinecone!  First I cut out the fabric in a way to where when I folded it together, it got smaller on the end. (Kind of a large triangle)  then I took my hot glue and after I folded the edges over I just glued it together.  Then before I put his hat on the pinecone (body), I stuffed it with some polyfill. After this, I put the hat on the pinecone, and pulled it down a bit all the way around.  I hot glued the sides and back on, but NOT the front yet.  After I put the nose under the hat where I wanted it, I glued it in place, then I glued the rest of the hat on the pinecone with hot glue.  After that I add various embellishments, like the pom poms at the bottom of the hat, and little pumpkins and bats and such!


Pinecone – Amazon – $11.91 (for 10)
Fabric – Jo-Ann Fabric – $5.99 / yard
Wooden Ball – Amazon – $12.99 (for 600)
Polyfill – Amazon – $4.97
Embellishments – All over

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